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Biography Marthalicia Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations. Marthalicia early stages: Sharng "black books" graffitti art journals as well as comic books were her past time. Encouraged by faith to persue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, and upon graduating high school, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. She enrolled in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for B.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her art resume further in her new art journey "Live Art Performance" Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and oppourtunites where she builds with her community and others.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"The Artist Process" A document of the process of an artist. Seeking help

I had a vision of making a huge piece at an abandon parking lot, or large space where we all visual artist can create individual pieces or ONE LARGE COLABO piece: I wanted to get your input?
I wanted to know if you all would like to participate at this huge art project?
I need photographers, film makers and sounds persons to make this happen. I select those that are in this note to see if they are interested. Please let me know if you would like to contribute your time for this massive project.

"The Artist Process":
This is how it goes:
Photographers and film makers will go to each individual artist and capture JUST THE HANDS and FEET at their home, or place they rest their head at.. You might think this odd right? Check this.
The Photographer and film maker will document just the hands and feet as the artist wake up, do their daily routine. The photographers and film makers will not document the artist face, just to make it dynamic. As the artist GETS ready to leave their place, photo people and film people will capture your feet as well, as you place your shoes and other things ready, as you lead the viewer to The Parking lot or rooftop?

All the artist will be documented this way. Again your faces will not be shown, just your hands activity and your feet activity. Why the feet, because it represents movement. Artist as always, are active one way or another.

The sounds: From the beginning of this documentary, the "natural" sounds of your daily activity will be the only thing the viewer will hear, BUT once you mix the colors onto your palette, the sounds will be mixed into loops and MC's voices as each MC will provide a hook or a "line".

I will need different perspective, and a large location, if you know or any place via Brooklyn, Manhattan or any other place, let me know. I want the place to be graffiti clean so that the view can see just our work. The creative process, not being influence by other art works.

I will look for sponsors to help get us paid for our work, and if you know any one that want to help let me know. I will advertise them to the best of my abilities. This film is for New Yorker Artist Appreciation, and what we all have invested our time. I give credit to many of you artist here, for being such an impact to me and to the LIVE ART MOVEMENT.
If you know of any otter artist that want to be down or any otherphotographers please send them my info:

Marthalicia Matarrita

p.s. Prefered to contact me via e-mail, where I Can esperss my thoughts better, but if need, call me.

I hope you all can meet each other and work together.
One Love


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Robert Trujillo said...

Im down to paint!do u need help spreading the word? Hit me up on email;