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Biography Marthalicia Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations. Marthalicia early stages: Sharng "black books" graffitti art journals as well as comic books were her past time. Encouraged by faith to persue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, and upon graduating high school, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. She enrolled in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for B.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her art resume further in her new art journey "Live Art Performance" Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and oppourtunites where she builds with her community and others.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Re Cap: Southpaw "idle warship" and meeting Talib Kweli, thank you Jah C

Entering Southpaw main doors that cold night, and viewing a slightly empty dark room, I got to thinking "will this place be packed? and where will I be located? I placed my book bag, easel and canvas on the floor on a corner adjacent to the photo booth; and turn around to see some performers rehearsing their lines, and others prepping the bar. I also saw Jah C, the down to earth gentle man who invited me to participate in this show, as he walks back and forth ever so often on the entire building. At this time, I motioned myself down to the floor and started taking my easel apart and my acrylic paint on the side, as I do this a light beam luminate my "painting spot" and when I turned around I saw a lot of young folks strolling in, this made the DJ to put the music on. I then got the chills seeing the people gathering around the stage and dancing, it made me visualize how filled this dark room will be on the next 20 minutes.

Time was running so fast right about now, when the host got on stage and introduced the first act. Oh wow what a performance Kalae AllDay. Seeing her perform for the very first time gave me more respects and admiration to her, for I was really able to see how true she really was with music and performing. "wow" is what I said as I started to coat my canvas a brown burgundy hue. And then the lights turned way low. No biggy, they will turn it up again ? Right? Standing on this dark corner and waving a strong piece of envelope , I was able to slowly dry my tainted canvas. Great performers after another sang, rapped, harmonized with the music and the audience. I did to, but was more concerned about creating an image with my sharpie marker on this dark canvas. Trying my best not to feel frustrated, I started to breath slow and think of a way to map my starting drawing point first. Oh I know I'm gonna use my cell phone as a light source! Is what I said to myself as I was in a hurried state of excitement looking deep into my book bag. Ah ha! I got my cell phone !
Oh man now there was a very intoxicated lady leaning way back onto my painting. I was more concern of her clothes not getting painted by my canvas, then me starting to draw. Oh gee now she has her heavy hand on my shoulders and really talking loud and smelling like a gallon of spoiled soaking rotten eggs with liquor. What a start to my art. I'm not mad, just getting antsy to hear Talib Kweli and avoiding this lady and wanting to start this painting. (Its normal for me to encounter many intoxicated people hovering over me and really trying very hard to have an art conversation with me). As usually I try to do a little bit of all, Paint Live, listen to the environment, pause, then rethink realign my thoughts back into painting mode creativity.

Mid way of the night, Talib Kweli and the Idle Warship gets open on stage, while I am waiting near this corner looking at my empty canvas. I got my cell phone again, and really started this time; no one to touch or rub my back, no one bumping into me. I don't mine talking with people, since my art is wet and don't mind drying the work and chatting, but the unproductive distractions are there and normal, I cant avoid them. At this point I got the colors ready, and got the courage to really focus with my night vision eyes. I must say I am getting used to the cell phone light on to a dark room filled with loud music and cheery people.
I was called by the end of the night "Cell Phone Painter" the girl that paints in the dark. I do have to say this now, I don't know how the colors turned out nor how well the portrait resembled him during the time I was making it. I am being honest, I just winged it to the best of abilities. And here comes Jah C walking passed me and astonished that the light that was promised to him that would be on me wasn't there, this made him to say to me that he will now put the light on; but it was already to late, the show was wrapping up, and the final act was coming to a close. I told him that its alright, I am done, but he insisted and persuaded the lighting crew to lite up my art station. All I did was add one extra tone, as the audience clapped and cheered to a HOT CONCERT event!

Photo credit by Natty S. & Elizabeth Allen

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cant wait til December 4th 2009

I know its not Christmas yet, but I cant help but to get very excited for Felecia Cruz and her upcoming program, on December 4th.

Fighting for Futures, Natalie Crue, Sosa Management, and "Initiative Radio with Angela McKenzie" proudly present...
"HOLIDAZE" A benefit event for Toys for Toys and Fighting for Futures, Holidaze is slated to be one of the dopest shows of the year.
On the ones & twos DJ IllyP, DJ Ready Cee, & DJ ErnieB With guests performances by:
Jagermeister presents Ryan Vosler
Dres (Blacksheep), Rugged N Raw, Eric Sosa, Dump Body, Hasan Salaam, YCtheCynic, Warren Britt, The Closers, Terry Poison,Miz Metro, Spills vs. feleciacruz

You are guaranteed to get a healthy dose of dopeness, and all for a great cause.
*Live art displays by: Gigi bio
*Cupcakes by: Jennykins
*Fashion show by: Dr Adventure (
*Live Art by: Marthalicia Matarrita, Danielle Mastrion & Lichiban

*Photos by: Vr Photography, Boris, Ema Photography, NattyNight, & Kingtexas.
Celebrating the birthdays of feleciacruz, Stephany & VaryusWaise..

****Prizes, giveaways, & $4 shots all night long*****

Admission: $10 + a Toy for Brooklyn Tots

Guestlist $5
RSVP to w/ "Holidaze Guestlist" in the subject.

Media & press inquires may be emailed to
This event is 21+ with ID

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

BR and the TIME BOMB

This is for my friend BR, a guy who I met in High school and also knows my brothers. I knew him as an amazing graff writer, who also, after school did cyphers out side the doors of LaGuardia High School. This guy also had invited me and my family to Paint Live with them into their musical gigs, at Club Europa in Brooklyn, in which I met Felecia Cruz. Since those early shows with them, I was able to meet BR's musical crew and how original these guys are. Read below and let me know what you think about them.

BR and Time bomb are a live hip-hop band that has performed all over NYC for the last seven years at clubs like Webster Hall, the Bitter End, Crash Mansion, the Apollo and Studio 54. They just released their first full-length album, Believe in Something Greater (Than Yourself), which is now available on itunes.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

"The Artist Process part 2" For those that are interested.

"The Artist Process" is a documentary in the lives of New York City artist. The purpose of creating these documentaries or such event is to educate those that are un aware and unfamiliar to the many artist that we have present in our life time, that are utilizing their talents for the betterment of today's youth.

Those that participated in the 2009 summer "T.A.P."that was held in 5 POINTZ, Queens, can tell you how of a great impact it was for them and others to unite together and perform to the public.

This time around, a new twist and idea came about to better help bring a closer view to how the artist see themselves and their art.

***The Theme***
If you think that you can provide documentation of you being recorded by your personal recording devices ( Iphone, camera, watches, twit pics segments, or anything that captures you), then this art project is for you. The idea is to capture you as you see yourself and what you go through to get to THE PROVIDED DESTINATION, on the allotted time. Its going to be a full day event that will be held in the subway station. ( Location still searching).

Once you reach the DESIGNATED LOCATION, you will see a staff and other personal that will be on post, who will be already capturing by footage, your arrival. You, at this point will be grouped together by the means of your performance preference; such as Visual artist will group together, musical performance , and the dance performance.

1.Visual Artist: You will see several easels that has canvases already prepped and ready.
( Each canvas will have a posted note that will state a letter, out of the title : THE ARTIST PROCESS. Once again you will have to create something from a designated LETTER, but you will have to design it and create an image out of it.

**IMPORTANT** Once all the art is created, all of the canvas will be collected and placed in a gallery for showing. If your canvas is sold, 25 percent of the sales will go to our raising money for the editing of this new film, and the rest to you.

2. Musical: Mics will be ready with speakers and amps.
3.Dancers: I will get a large mat for you all.

Since its not an out door event, and in the subway system, I can provide some sort of snacks for you all, if you all can contribute $2.00 each per person, or buy food before or after your arrival. (and or $5.00 to help purchase canvas).If doing so, PLEASE DOCUMENT IT, it will all be so useful footage to tell a story of your activities as an artist, and as a human being. corny right, but its true.

I am shooting for the middle of June or early July, location I am still searching for a large enough of a space that can provide outlets and accommodate us all. HOYT SCHEMA HORN and Grand Central Station are two confirmed stations, but I am still searching for one that feels just right. If you want to help in any way, help find a suitable location, or donate money to help get canvases and art supplies for this film.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope in working with you ( again)
~Marthalicia Matarrita

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Isis and the sad trip to the ASPCA

Isis was her name. She was given to my family from a desperate family of 4, who's mother decided that her children could better benefit living in a new environment rather then living in the city. The only draw back was that in her new place, they didn't allow any pets, and that meant bye bye Isis, and her 4 brothers and sister, bye bye 3 other cats, bye bye 2 birds, bye bye ferret with no name, and bye bye turtle. I could only image that she also might have had a fish or two or even a snake? Possibly...

I didn't have an option, the offer sounded great to have a pet in the house, something to help teach my 2 1/2 year old baby Wesly about how to take care of something that is living. I was told it was a all white dog, female. "Sure not a problem, I will even do my home work as to how to take care of her" was the answer I gave to my dude WEZ. The day of her arrival was a complete surprise to me and to my son, for all along I thought I would have a small pup, but I didn't. I was asked to go down to the basement of my Brooklyn building, and wait for my dude to arrive with our son. I was accompanied by a friend name Thomas Alcantara A.K.A DJ TOMA, who was also waiting for the lady who was going to bring Isis to our home. "Listen Martha, the dog is special, and I need you to really understand what I am gonna tell you..." Sure I said whats wrong? " All I need for you is to stand still, and continue to have a casual conversation with Thomas, and disregard her presence, let her smell you first and then if its ok, then you might get the chance to pet her" is what WEZ told me. "OH MY GOODNESS... is he serious?!" was the exact words that were in my head as he finished saying that sentence, and then he looked away from me for a quick second, and motioned his hands towards the exits, and all I saw was a white shadow? zooming past me. I looked quickly to down to the movement next to me, and all I saw was a huge white red nose Stafford shire Pitt Bull. EEK! My face cringed, but it later soften, when the lady arrived to our room. Oh man, if you were in that room you would have saw me stiffen and ridit as I try to pretend I was content. For sure I loved all kinds of animals, but Pitt Bulls were the ones that had a great negative connection to them, and that affected me from being caring to her automatically. As the conversations between WEZ, Thomas and that lady, I saw Wesly sit on one of the chairs surprise and smiling, that sure made me more comfortable. I over heard Isis history/ story, but what stood from everything they said, was; "Isis is deaf, she can't hear at all". WOW, blows upon blows of surprises all at once, made me feel uneasy at first. Then as the night grew thicker, and our guests left, I then became much comfortable. I finally got a chance to sit down and think things through, and Isis walked straight to me, smelled my hand and sat down next to my feet, and looked up at me. "Awww she wanted me to pet her", and so I did. The beginning of our short friendship, started with those bluish slightly brown eyes.

The middle of her story, is layered with many personal events both positive ones and the not so positive ones. But the bulk of our experience with her, was wonderful. We walked her at Prospect Park often, we gave her baths, played hid and seek, in the basement, and made many new friends around our neighborhood. My son had a strong bond with her as each year past; and the came 2009. The Year 2008 was a rocky year for us, because my dude was laid off, and eventually we wouldn't have a home to stay. The idea to stay at close family homes, was something we dreaded, but a risk we took. Our dog Isis couldn't stay with us, because the lady of this new home we were staying in Manhattan didn't like any pets at all. Then the question raised, what to do with Isis? I utilized the means of technology and communications, and advertised continually on Facebook and myspace, as well and regular e-mails. I did get some response, non one from a family mutual friend who later was able to hold her as for a couple of month. If it wasn't for her, my dog would have seeing the ASPCA much sooner then what we all would have hoped for.

September 2009 swings by fast, and our new home is located in the Bronx. What a place, more space for Isis! I was so excited and couldn't help but to think about our new adventure with her. But my feelings for her wasn't shared mutually by the rest of my family. There were tension between WEZ and the dog, and how the all of us had new careers going underway, that the neglect for our dog seems unreal at first. Then they came a point where WEZ mentioned that the feeling he had for her once before, isn't were he had had expected to be now. Sorrow and frustrated filled this home. Even to the little one, Wesly wasn't in complete understanding of the idea of sharing time with others and yet alone a pet dog. The conclusions to make things right fell heavily on me. I didn't mind sacrificing and care for her, that's what a family should do, care with out Any remorse, but again, I was fighting an emotional war between those in the house hold.

"here, this is the money you need to take with you to the ASPCA" WEZ told me, as he handed to me, and plus a cab fair to the location in the Bronx. I stood there stunned. We already had this conversation, but to continue it and not get any support, wasn't going any positive steps forward. I took the money, went down stairs, and out the door with Isis on her lease on one hand, and Wesly cold little hand on the other. We stood out side, and walked for a bit, we took a cab, who was OK with having dogs in the cab, and off were were to 646 Ford ham Road.

Our stop arrives, and we paid our fair. We all were kinda moved by this new absence of our dog, this feeling transcended as I approached the door to the ASPCA. I took a deep slow breath in, as the clerked buzzed me in. Isis was so excited to have sniffed the entire room, since its a place where dogs and cat and other animals are contained. She even jumped and leaped onto the counter table, where the clerk shriek with surprised as to how far up this dog can jump. Yeah, that's my girl, I told myself, as I motioned Isis to step back down. The clerk smiled with nervousness, and she asked me a few questions that pertained to Isis.

I never really owned a dog before, and having one for our very own was such a delight. As I placed a clear plastic collar that had Isis identification on her, all those fund memories of her flooded my head and my heart. I'm biting my lips, and held my breath, I wasn't gonna try to cry, nor even place a brick or a foundation of thought in my head that perhaps, or maybe, or there is a slight anything, that Isis could be placed to sleep. I placed her in a cage, as I was instructed to, then we were directed towards the exist. I walked away not looking back, and as I held my son's hand, and looked down at my foot steps towards the exist door to the outside, all Could ask myself, did I did a good job for her while she was under my care? Did she had fun with me/us as I had fun with her? I am only placing positive energies out there for whom ever needs a dog, that is precious as her, and perhaps can give her more then I ever could. GOD BLESS YOU ISIS, and may you rest in peace.

NOVEMBER 20: ICO in 606 West 26 street Group Art Show, and Live art by me and other cool kats!

Tommy Hilfiger's niece will be displaying her art there, and a ton of people related to her one way or another will be there as well. I just hope they can cheer and bask in the LOVE of art and enjoy the presence of the idea of creating with others, as much as I am with them. Its a great opportunity to network and see the contemporary POP art movement and how it blends with LIVE ART, which I am still learning.

Hope to see you all there, if you can :)

Re Cap: FRIDAY November 13, 2009. Brooklyn VS. The Bronx

I was born and raised in Harlem, and this event represented the artist that currently reside at their borough. I have moved from Brooklyn back to Manhattan and now landed into The Bronx. I was chosen to paint in collaboration with Andre Trenier our group represented The Bronx, while Ben Angotti and Leif M. represented Brooklyn. at the "M1-5".

I had so much fun! I laughed hard, I saw many great people from networks that I actually was able to see in person. Completely honored to have them all arrive and see this event. As plus for this event was B Boy 360 and his beloved son 5 year old son, Tyger! Tyger is my son dancer friend that has has many fun days in the parks. Seeing him again reminded me of my son... I saw him dance hard core on the dance floor right after the tap dancer was stomping rhythmically all over the place.

I ain't gonna leave anything out, I must say, Andre and I weren't prepare visually as we had hoped to, to prepare for this collaborative piece. We head butted together as to what to create for this night, from crazy color schemes to subject matter, the toss up of ideas flew in every which way directions. But we fell together in on thought... the thought of : JUST HAVING FUN.

Andre Started taking photographs of the audience at the spot and then painted them on the canvas, I did the same, but earlier on that event, Osiris and Floramancha, cool art kats came by this event to provide us visual reference to help our disorganized thoughts. ( we did try to meet during the passing of the weeks before the event started, but couldn't find an actual time to discuss any art thoughts), so our free style did some how save the day, for the result of the show, we were " tied "with the opponent team. Its alright, the fun part counted more then ever! Lexi Bella was on the scene as many other artist and art lover enthusiasts.. took pictures auto graphs, say and got diggity down on them dance floors! I on the other had, made sure I took the Q train to 14 street to then catch the 4 line up in the belly of the Boggy Down Bronx.

Below are but a few pictures of the night taken by Osiris cell phone, how grand! Gracia amigo


Re Cap: November 7th "Art Battle" Event Colabo pieces

Yatika Field Starr is a Native American artist that now resides in Brooklyn. This guy has a unique style all kinda brand new to my eyes. His persona is awesome and works well with me and other artist. At this Art Battle event, we all 4 artist, had to use two colors, Black and white, and anything in between.

half hour one artist then a break and then half hour the tag team art partners work onto the already worked on work. Then after the half hour is done, 2o minutes the teams are grouped together by two on two. This is where the magic begin!

check more here:

Monday, November 9, 2009

Painting live November 28th @"SouthPaw" Talik Kweli and other cool kats

As the year comes to a close it is with great pride and pleasure that we present Idle Warship Starring Talib Kweli Live From Southpaw November 28th! While keeping our ears to the streets and eyes on the prize we have assembled a stellar group of feature performers for this homecoming of sorts for Talib Kweli's super group which features Res and Graph Nobel. The winner of The Brooklyn Bodega's Show and Prove Kalae AllDay, will be setting it off.
Megabone is ready to bring their unique brand of hip hop to the stage and Niles is ready to show you what all his buzz is about!

Soul Queen TreZure The Empress will continue her year of classic and memorable performances and rounding out what promises to be an epic evening of culture and performances will be Jah C & The Antidote and Rebel Starr!The event will be hosted by End Of The Weak, The Music and Afterparty will be provided by Kool Kear of East Village Radio's "Chances With Wolves".
In addition, you can step into The Down South Lounge and see a beautiful art exhibit curated by Kimberly Messano and also catch Live Painting by Marthalicia Matarrita!

Shout outs to our prestigious sponsors: Southpaw, Brooklyn Bodega, Staple Design, Beyond Race Magazine, Flud Watches, East Village Radio, Fusicology & FatBeats!

This event is presented by End Of The Weak in conjunction with Royalty Media Group, Forever Fresh, Southern Thunder Promotions and Hustlemode!

For advanced tickets check out this link, they are selling fast!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Re Cap: On the highest honor on my life time, I was a guest speaker in N Y U

How do I begin to express how I was, and how I felt at the NYU Latino Art Gallery & Book Discussion (open to the public) event. "Memorial and inspired" as I said to myself while embracing each of the guest panelist at NYU. Getting my art and other stuff from being displaced in this auditorium and getting ready to leave the crowded room of students that have heard all 8 of us that late Wednesday afternoon, on November 4th.

I never dreamed that art can take me this far! I never placed myself were people would ask for my presences for any art related functions such as public speaking. It's true. And it's not because I never valued my art as such, I just kept creating, because I thought that's what's you suppose to when you love something so much; you keep believing on it for it to exist, not for fame.... But I sure do understand why I have to continue it and it's not only for it's existence but for the many voices out there that are like mine or similar. The day before this presentation, I really got very nervous.
I even wrote notes and recited in front of a mirror. I spoke with Crystal Clarity who was also another featured artist as well for this event the night before, and what I have learned from her is "Courage". Not just courage to be on front of an audience( if your publicly on the spot light as often as a live art performer, the audience are your peers your friends your community, it becomes natural/normal.). What I learn from Crystal in our conversations, was that we as artist do struggle very much not just to maintain content with what we do, regardless of it income or the lack of it, but the persistence and fire to believe in it in a place and time that we are all in. Our conversation the night before helped me reline my thoughts better and even objectives as well, as to how in the world would I will be able to make a speech about my life and my art journey in 20 minutes, and what I wanted to give back to the NYU student body.

Arriving to NYU wasn't easy, because I was carrying my large laundry cart that had various art works for display. Andre Trenier ( an art battle champion), linked up with me on the 4 line and traveled from The Bronx to our destination. We were greeted by Jasmin who was one of the people that coordinated this out reach and discussion panel orientation, and the one that lead us to the auditorium / room. There I was a room filled with many students seated and getting comfortable before the presentation begin. I automatically saw Crystal Clarity from a far, and approach her and my other friend who linked me up to this great opportunity, Vanessa Martir, a novelist and a writer, who published her books a few years back. I also saw many other guest speakers who I either heard from and never met in person, and others I have heard from word of mouth.

Marthalicia a guest speaker at NYU November 4th from Marthalicia (m)2 on Vimeo.

I was like DANG ... They are here... ? WOW was I privileged and so stunned that I even stood there and smiled (kinda grinned so big), that the others did the same right back me... tee hee Andre and I helped placed my art work on the either the easels and also hang a few onto the walls. THANK YOU BATTLE ART BUDDY!!!!! And then I was reminded to start getting ready and have my seat. I took one look at the audience and then sat so quietly and oh so nervous. The hosts of the even introduced us one by one, and then allowed Vanessa Martir to start the program; and so it begin. Guest speaker number one stood up and discussed the following: Her upraising, her passion and what she herself had accomplished, one being a published book by the name; WOMAN'S CRY that was published on 2007. It was her that invited me to this program, and since I owe it to her for letting me help and tell my story as best I could on this day.

After her verbal presentation, along followed Alicia Anabel Santos, an author from Harlem, who is currently working on a film called:"Afro Latinos: The Untaught Story". I was privileged as well to see her presentation and her current documentary that day as well. I has mixed feelings after viewing the film, mixed in a sense the exploratory of the history that made up the Latin culture on all the south, Central and the Caribbean islands.

There was a Question and Answer session to her showing and then followed J.F. Seary and educator poet and an actor. She had presented her poetry to us in a most professional and awe manner. The giving back from these ladies to the NYU community got me sitting on my seat as to WHAT IN THE WORLD WOULD I BE SAYING, what should I tell them or express where I would feel that they can take something home with them that can maybe impact their lives? WHAT? Phew... there was a 10 minutes break, I told Jazim that I had to use the bathroom, and out I ran to the nearest restroom... Can I tell ya, I was rehearsing again in the bath room and also as I was washing my hands.. I felt so nervous, as I looked up and onto the mirror, that my throat started to tighten up and also I started to slightly panic. I took several deep breath and stretched a bit, as if I was going to run a unexpected marathon. I ran back to the auditorium and open the door, and there I saw Glendaliz Camacho standing on the corner where the previous ladies has already spoken their art. Huh? wasn't it my turn, as I looked to her in a very curious and also confused way, she looked back at me, and jazmin explains that I took too long and if I didn't mind her starting next, I was like, sure no problem, (great for me.... more time to out line my words together, cuz I ain't that good talking).

Glendaliz is a co founder of La Menta Collective, and her presentation with writing and poetry sure made me laugh as I enjoyed her story telling and reveling dating story to us all. After she finished her works, and she walked back to her seat, I sat there staring at the table for a bit. Then Jazmin called my name, and I felt all my joined scream GO ON GIRL GET YOUR ASS UP THERE....! and so I did. I walked to the designated spot and explained to every one that I was so honored to be apart of this program with everyone there, and also explain that I was not a poet like those here that had already expressed their talents before you, I went further by also explaining that will briefly talk about my past, current affairs and activities and what I have hope to do in the up in coming future. Ahhhh I took a deep breath. Lets begin, is what I said to myself as I saw all those faces staring back at me. I smiled and told my story.
After my story I directed my attention to the audio visual people that were right behind me, and then signal them to begin showing the very short clip of "The ARTIST PROCESS" that was created by Tasty keith and the Bondfire family to the people in this room.

I took the advantage and breathed in some more... all eyes on the screen, and everything went silent. The filmed came to a closed and then there was a brief Question and Answers for me. Some asked about my military connection with that of art, how I managed to stay focus while being a full time mom, and others asked about how to maintain a life style such is this and pay your dues, and live comfortably in New York City.

I was signaled by the amount to applauds that my time was up, and boy was I thrilled. I do hope those that listened can take with them a big piece of me home. Then followed right behind me was Anthony Morales who talked about his findings of poetry and literature and being of Puerto Rican decent, then cam my home girl Crystal Clarity that I am so proud to know. You have to be there to have had your soul shaken by her words and how meaningful it was to connect with a fellow artist that do understand the hard work of being a lady, and artist, and a believer of positivity and how it all can work well with others in a WORLD of ours in this life time. I am so proud of her!

Last minute panelist Questions and Answers were given to us all, and hope honored I have been while really giving them the honest response as best as I have given to the students there. Last applause and then GOOD night.

Thank You for reading
alot of love to you all

~Marthalicia Matarrita

Monday, November 2, 2009

FIGHTING FOR FUTURES Fundaraiser events for the month of NOVEMBER. I have old works in display and for sale at 151 Gallery

On I have donated a few of my old traditional, never been seen paintings to this fundraiser event! I am in aw by Cathleen, who's motivation for this fundraiser events, is to help others with the aid of photographer and film over seas. Please Google her and get to know how to help out her cause, it is such a selfless act of dedication for others that makes me appreciate her friendship and her drive to pursue something so grand as her vision to help others! Believe you me, WE NEED MORE OF HER in this world!

November 21st & 22nd
from 10:00am - 10:00pm at Gallery 151 located at 350 Bowery Street in Manhattan's Lower East Side, hosts "Sell It All NYC ~ A Weekend Bazaar to Fight Human Trafficking."

People donating goods to the bazaar will have a chance to free up space in their closets; shoppers will be able to find items fit for every room in the home at recession busting prices and vendors Will donate their salesmanship for two great charitable causes, Fighting for Futures & Restore NYC.

Refreshments and LIVE entertainment will be served up to keep spirits high.

For more information, feel free to contact:

Cathleen Angelo, Fighting For Futures @ 917-407-4509
Natalie Crue, Crue1 Media Group @ 775-450-2484

Late by never too late: RE CAP of BONDFIRE 1 YEAR anniversery concert series *HAPPY BIRTHDAY*

I have to admit this, I can not stress it to you, how the BONDFIRE concert series has been growing bigger as the months passes on. I was able to connect with many people new and the regulars that attend and witness this monthly show. This was a special night not just for me, but for a dear friend of mine named Conscious a.k.a. The Bronx Uber Villain , who's show was also to celebrate his birthday. If you know me, you do understand how much I stress the love for working together, and creating a community of talented folks, together. This collective unification of talent pours out to who ever see and listens and view the performance at the Bowery Poetry Club. This event that past on October was noted by many as one of the most important shows that demonstrated dedication of the words and the important of respecting each other while at the same time enjoying the fresh styles. Tons of people arrived ON TIME for this show, awaiting the previous poetry reading to arrive to a finish. Our excitement accelerated once Conscious arrived in the lobby, waiting section of this facility. At this particular moment the free styles started to organize as we all waited to our time to enter, event the performers for the stage already started to write as to who will perform first! How neat was that! From this crowd, I was able to catch a glimpse of Nia Andino and Chango Bi... who I was able to see from the massive crowd. As soon as saw them, the infamous ELIZABETH a.k.a. LIZ who takes the awesome photos of many cool events all over New York City, arrived with high heels... tee hee.

The lobby area couldn't contain more people as some even waited out side the main doors, as the rain started to pick up. Luckily it wasn't cold for those folks outside.

The time to gather at the BONFIRE arena, and every one got a comfortable standing view, no chairs were allowed, just the stance of the audience as most concerts are held this way. I also saw Ana Pichardo, another up in coming photographer doing her thang, as she introduced me to her close friends who traveled so far as to witness and perform under the cold Tuesday night at the Bowery. What a trooper! Homeboy Sandman and amongst many to list arrived promptly as the light dimmed.... BOOOooooooo for me, they cut off any light source to where I was standing. It wasn't my first time where I was placed in a situation where there was little to no light, ( I can count both my hands where this type of situation occurred). Conscious did his best to accommodate me on stage but I refused, I already got my traditional corner well secured and on the ready. I tell ya, if it wasn't for the many cameras and itouch that random people helped me illuminate my canvas, I wont tell ya how I could have recognize what I have created.

enough about my dilemma... the show ROCKED!!!! Eagle Nebula was on stage, and she did her thang! ooouuuwwww and YC the cynic and others did what they are very good at and the Harmony or words with sounds and the performance was unbelievable.