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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Isis and the sad trip to the ASPCA

Isis was her name. She was given to my family from a desperate family of 4, who's mother decided that her children could better benefit living in a new environment rather then living in the city. The only draw back was that in her new place, they didn't allow any pets, and that meant bye bye Isis, and her 4 brothers and sister, bye bye 3 other cats, bye bye 2 birds, bye bye ferret with no name, and bye bye turtle. I could only image that she also might have had a fish or two or even a snake? Possibly...

I didn't have an option, the offer sounded great to have a pet in the house, something to help teach my 2 1/2 year old baby Wesly about how to take care of something that is living. I was told it was a all white dog, female. "Sure not a problem, I will even do my home work as to how to take care of her" was the answer I gave to my dude WEZ. The day of her arrival was a complete surprise to me and to my son, for all along I thought I would have a small pup, but I didn't. I was asked to go down to the basement of my Brooklyn building, and wait for my dude to arrive with our son. I was accompanied by a friend name Thomas Alcantara A.K.A DJ TOMA, who was also waiting for the lady who was going to bring Isis to our home. "Listen Martha, the dog is special, and I need you to really understand what I am gonna tell you..." Sure I said whats wrong? " All I need for you is to stand still, and continue to have a casual conversation with Thomas, and disregard her presence, let her smell you first and then if its ok, then you might get the chance to pet her" is what WEZ told me. "OH MY GOODNESS... is he serious?!" was the exact words that were in my head as he finished saying that sentence, and then he looked away from me for a quick second, and motioned his hands towards the exits, and all I saw was a white shadow? zooming past me. I looked quickly to down to the movement next to me, and all I saw was a huge white red nose Stafford shire Pitt Bull. EEK! My face cringed, but it later soften, when the lady arrived to our room. Oh man, if you were in that room you would have saw me stiffen and ridit as I try to pretend I was content. For sure I loved all kinds of animals, but Pitt Bulls were the ones that had a great negative connection to them, and that affected me from being caring to her automatically. As the conversations between WEZ, Thomas and that lady, I saw Wesly sit on one of the chairs surprise and smiling, that sure made me more comfortable. I over heard Isis history/ story, but what stood from everything they said, was; "Isis is deaf, she can't hear at all". WOW, blows upon blows of surprises all at once, made me feel uneasy at first. Then as the night grew thicker, and our guests left, I then became much comfortable. I finally got a chance to sit down and think things through, and Isis walked straight to me, smelled my hand and sat down next to my feet, and looked up at me. "Awww she wanted me to pet her", and so I did. The beginning of our short friendship, started with those bluish slightly brown eyes.

The middle of her story, is layered with many personal events both positive ones and the not so positive ones. But the bulk of our experience with her, was wonderful. We walked her at Prospect Park often, we gave her baths, played hid and seek, in the basement, and made many new friends around our neighborhood. My son had a strong bond with her as each year past; and the came 2009. The Year 2008 was a rocky year for us, because my dude was laid off, and eventually we wouldn't have a home to stay. The idea to stay at close family homes, was something we dreaded, but a risk we took. Our dog Isis couldn't stay with us, because the lady of this new home we were staying in Manhattan didn't like any pets at all. Then the question raised, what to do with Isis? I utilized the means of technology and communications, and advertised continually on Facebook and myspace, as well and regular e-mails. I did get some response, non one from a family mutual friend who later was able to hold her as for a couple of month. If it wasn't for her, my dog would have seeing the ASPCA much sooner then what we all would have hoped for.

September 2009 swings by fast, and our new home is located in the Bronx. What a place, more space for Isis! I was so excited and couldn't help but to think about our new adventure with her. But my feelings for her wasn't shared mutually by the rest of my family. There were tension between WEZ and the dog, and how the all of us had new careers going underway, that the neglect for our dog seems unreal at first. Then they came a point where WEZ mentioned that the feeling he had for her once before, isn't were he had had expected to be now. Sorrow and frustrated filled this home. Even to the little one, Wesly wasn't in complete understanding of the idea of sharing time with others and yet alone a pet dog. The conclusions to make things right fell heavily on me. I didn't mind sacrificing and care for her, that's what a family should do, care with out Any remorse, but again, I was fighting an emotional war between those in the house hold.

"here, this is the money you need to take with you to the ASPCA" WEZ told me, as he handed to me, and plus a cab fair to the location in the Bronx. I stood there stunned. We already had this conversation, but to continue it and not get any support, wasn't going any positive steps forward. I took the money, went down stairs, and out the door with Isis on her lease on one hand, and Wesly cold little hand on the other. We stood out side, and walked for a bit, we took a cab, who was OK with having dogs in the cab, and off were were to 646 Ford ham Road.

Our stop arrives, and we paid our fair. We all were kinda moved by this new absence of our dog, this feeling transcended as I approached the door to the ASPCA. I took a deep slow breath in, as the clerked buzzed me in. Isis was so excited to have sniffed the entire room, since its a place where dogs and cat and other animals are contained. She even jumped and leaped onto the counter table, where the clerk shriek with surprised as to how far up this dog can jump. Yeah, that's my girl, I told myself, as I motioned Isis to step back down. The clerk smiled with nervousness, and she asked me a few questions that pertained to Isis.

I never really owned a dog before, and having one for our very own was such a delight. As I placed a clear plastic collar that had Isis identification on her, all those fund memories of her flooded my head and my heart. I'm biting my lips, and held my breath, I wasn't gonna try to cry, nor even place a brick or a foundation of thought in my head that perhaps, or maybe, or there is a slight anything, that Isis could be placed to sleep. I placed her in a cage, as I was instructed to, then we were directed towards the exist. I walked away not looking back, and as I held my son's hand, and looked down at my foot steps towards the exist door to the outside, all Could ask myself, did I did a good job for her while she was under my care? Did she had fun with me/us as I had fun with her? I am only placing positive energies out there for whom ever needs a dog, that is precious as her, and perhaps can give her more then I ever could. GOD BLESS YOU ISIS, and may you rest in peace.


TastyKeish said...

I love Isis for you Martha. We had a dog name meatloaf, when we got him we didn't know he was sick. After 2yrs, he would have seizures and hide under the couch or the radiator. The doctor said he was temporarily blind during these moments. In a house where half of us didn't have health insurance for ourselves, we couldn't afford to do any more operations for him. My dad took him to a shelter, and we never asked him exactly what happened after that.

RIP Isis & Meatloaf

sylvia ortiz said...

this week has been a tough one for a lot of people i know my cat of 17 years died of cancer this past monday, another friend lost his dog as well, a good friend of mine lost his best friend from childhood and now you with isis, the only words that i can say to you is that i KNOW you and i KNOW isis was deeply loved and she KNEW that you did a wonderful job with her, she was a happy dog, and even happier now casing cats and eating peanut butter treats and steaks :0) in doggie heaven. xoxoxoxo