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Biography Marthalicia Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations. Marthalicia early stages: Sharng "black books" graffitti art journals as well as comic books were her past time. Encouraged by faith to persue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, and upon graduating high school, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. She enrolled in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for B.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her art resume further in her new art journey "Live Art Performance" Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and oppourtunites where she builds with her community and others.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Art Episode # 36: MOBRIT Social Tapestry , a Unique Art Dialog wth Artist and their art work

This Art Program was created by Earl Green, and friends.

A unique year presentation and competing, where this video provide is the finalist of these mini art dialogs with the visual artists and their art work, Live amongst the audience. Hosted by Ishan and Drego.

Michael Santiago, a dynamic photographer helped me capture the atmosphere of this beautiful event.

Check out below for the video, comment on them feel free to spread the info to others,

Blessings to you

~Marthalicia Matarrita

Art Episode # 35 CRYSTAL CLARITY , her community Mural on 159 street NYC

A New Yorker by heart, Crystal Clarity paints the New York City walls to help enrich education by utilizing her gifts to others to see. Her heart is so big, she shares her time wth others to develope amamzing works of art and as well enrshing those around her the beauty of Art in it most profound way.
Currently had showed her recent art works at a super amamzing clothiing store and art show at Fresthetics in Brooklyn clck here for ther info

Monday, October 24, 2011

SpeakEasy ... At my Art Studio featuring few heavy Hitters, like Kurious Jorge and Pete Rock

Speak Easy at my Art Studio ...

ART EPISODE # 34 .... " Dirty Sensibilities "

I want to thank AQUINO FERMIN for letting  me informed about this Show, DIRTY SENSIBILITIES, and for hiring me to document it as well. Not to mention my dear Friend and also an extraordinary photographer Gianna Leo Falcon, who aided me on the evening of the gallery art showing, which she was able to take some outstanding photos along side of others as well.

I'm still growing in this new field, and as I mentioned before, its is my responsibility to help educate the masses how important art really is to many youth and the older generation.

P.S. I'm saving up for a better camera, if you would like to donate to the cause, let me know.. I would be extremely appreciative of any donations to this art cause...

~Marthalicia M.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

September 15 ---- to ---- October ----- 15 |||||||||||| paainting Live Latino Hertage Month .. every Thurday !

"EL GRITO" A Mexican Independence Day Celebration
 Thursday, September 15th 9pm-12am
MOLE Mexican Bar and Grill
178 Kent Ave (Corner of North 3rd)
Brooklyn, NY 11211
L Train to Bedford Ave

Join us for our GRAND FIESTA with our All Female Mariachis (Flor De
Toloache), Dancers (Isabel Del Dia) and Live Art (Marthalicia
A Special Extended Happy Hour (Food and Drinks) from 10pm to 12am

Part of LATINOLIFE.COM'S "Ritmos Y Cultura" Series (Hispanic Heritage
Month Celebration) - Sept  15th     to    October  15th, 2011
A Homage to NYC Latino Music, Dance, Food and Art

Next Events from the series are:

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011 (7pm - 10pm)
at Amor Cubano
2018 3rd Ave (Spanish Harlem)
New York, NY 10029
 Thursday, September 29th, 2011 (7pm-10pm)
at Novo
7823 37th Ave (Queens)
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
 Brought to you by
Your guide to Latin Events, Culture and Dining

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Art Episode # 32 .... A chance to go to SPAIn to Paint, NEW VISUAL artists! ART BATTLES !

A video Glimpse of New Painters , Art Battling for a chance to Paint in SPAIN..... What an amazing opportunity!

Check out the video to see these New Artist at this unique Style!

Did some new art during these past few month... Enjoy

Finally was able to finish this painted that started off at the Bowery Poetry Club a few months past, and now had the courage to play with new concept... You like?

Painted This at a F.O.K.U.S. event in Brooklyn

Painted the TWINS, at the HIGHLAND BALLROOM, with great art friends

To Be Announce Soon.... MUSIC

Painted My son at HUDSON RIVER CAFE, on 133 street Highway, under the famous 125 street  bridge!

detail of the Painting in Brooklyn F.O.K.U.S.

Birthday Gift for Amanda Diva Seals, painted this at the Hudson River Cafe, on 133 street.

There is more Art Adventures... Hope to see you all some day at these festive shows!

Art Episode # 31 ... " COMPLEJO " art show by M. Tony Peralta, supported by NoMAA Northern Manhattan Art Alliance

I love artist, because they understand the language of art, as much as I do. I appreciate artist's hard work and discovery in their art works and enjoy them as the artist display them and share them to the public, more so to their community.

This video clip is of solo show of Mr. M. Tony Peralta who had a great responce with his work and had bring many people together in a great discussion over ones own identity.

Check out the video and let me know what you think, hope to hear from you all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

ART EPISODE # 30 ... Grace Hotel ... and Digital Art Competion at THE SPOT

I had so much fun in these two events...

From The Grace Hotel, viewing the fashion and glamour, the the swimming pool ad selling my art on the location proceeded well to the other event that same night, called THE SPOT, in a place called OPEN HOUSE Gallery in Spring Street New York City.

Delighted I was but very nervous from start to finish, I was in a new realm of art in a timed arena.
I was competing for a Chance to win a price, amongst many other gifted Urban painters and graff writers.

 do hope you like the video.. it was also fun making it...

                     ^                                                                                                 ^
                     ^                                                                                                 ^

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Art Episode # 29.... 42nd Street Port Athority Bus Terminal ... RECAP

A wonderful short event that happens every month at the 42nd Port Authority Bus Terminal, that presents Live Poetry and Art Showcase from features performers that is coordinated and Hosted By Ralphy " TATU Xmen " Perez. The ViVideo has more people that particpated in the credits Plus Myron Johnson, who allowed this project at the site location possible.

Thank you all


Art Battles at the Stuyvesant Town Oval, JULY... 2..... and a short Art Episode in recap. I WON yay

Friday, June 24, 2011

Whats NEW......with .... me

After what happened to Japan, my sorrow for the many death had my heart aching for such a long time, that it got me stuck in a trance... and while the regular mother at home as well as my art career routine to pursue my art dreams where at hand, my spiritual connection to mother nature and those people that perish, lingered in my heart as well as n my soul... I saw my self FROZEN

I was mental stuck, emotionally finding a way to find that bridge back to reality, and I did find it after a personal tragedy that happened this Spring of 2011.

Then the Light was sparked....

Mission: It is my responsibility to help the young ones cope with the strange world of finding a way to CO EXISTS to where we are now, and learn just the positive outlets of ones personal gift.

I was privileged enough to be apart of many exciting programs where I taught young folks about PASSION about the arts, as well as the courage to pursue via the means of focusing ones desire to make it REAL enough for them....

The Run Down...

A music Video that I was gratefully able to complete with many obstacles and lengthy adjustments , and the running around to get it done, as well keeping the harmony of my house hold, art art career! Took an estimate of a few month , and nothing happen.. ( those that know me understand what I'm talking about)


my son graduation to the 1 FIRST GRADE !!!!!

Talking to young folks about their future... even if its not Art related, and how its important .... it is to FIND what you LOVE....

More pics soon!

Then beig on TV, gracious enough from a Brooklyn programmer by the name of Maron who established, FOR FATHERS, where they bring out the importance of being a positive ROLE model for their children and abolish the negative stigma about the stereo types about the Urban traditions . I was not expecting this, but there was also a Televising crew by the name of: NEW YORK LINKZ, where they caught me painting at their shop!

 even had a great adventure with my son in the BRONX, painting Live , but their was way too many curse words and beyond pent out Sexually older folks for many sons ears, I had to create my art and bail out QUICK FAST! Love them folks, but a mother role is to provide positive outlets where knowledge of self is spread evenly in proper amounts! lol

I was able to also make some brief art works on Sneakers by the help of SEN - ONE, and his friend, Terry.

I even painting near my neighborhood, and I knew not many would go and see me.. most LATINOS don't really think its a good job to start with and be what you call it.. worth  wild or realistic!... But I did it to help explain that ART was established by our indigenous roots from the get go... do the Research ! * CITY COLLEGE

                                                     Photo by Giannina Gutierrez

Then the MOST BEAUTIFUL... moment that took my family by surprise .. and the WELCOMING of a new Family member my youngest brother Jorge, has now a Son, who's name is Jason E. M. !!!

I am a proud Tia !!!!

My Nephew gots some amamzing eyes!

Then, the ART SHOWS ... starting Pouring....and my rhythm became stronger.... and one of the most stonsihing programs yet is the one that I painting at the Port Authority 42nd street with the Xman Crew!

And paint there once again... The following month....

Courtesy Photos by PHIL the Artist!

and also be in an On line Magazine with El Chobbi !

ART EPISODE for some of these Great memorial events will be on air very very soon!

Thank you all for reading, and let me know what are in YOUR lives... remember we all have one life to live, must as well Love life now and share only goodness... you live happier!

ART EPISODE..... # 27....... Highline Ballroom.... LOVE is LOVE

Wanted to share with you other great painters such as, Danielle Mastrion, and Collete Solenge who painted with me during a beautiful dance group in Manhattan called Sybarite, check them.... for more info regarding their non for profit and outstanding dedication to the ARTS!

Thanks to them, I am egared to help in any way possible!

April ART SHOWS.... ART EPISODE.. featuring two short documentary one NIGHT

April Art shows, were two videos that I was able to document, one was a Live Art Performance in the Lower Manhattan ear in a Beautiful lounge called DIVA LOUNGE where many Urban Artist paint together, and is coordinated by Savior.

Check out the Video which I made a few month ago.... I do hope you enjoy it, feed backs are so great it helps me and the many artist that are expresing their hearts to the world

Monday, April 18, 2011

My first MUSIC VIDEO :::::: Bamboo Bros, KURIOUS JORGE and DAVE DAR / " Make A Fortune "

You all know I have created " Art Episode ", that titled I borrowed that from Giannina Gutierrez, from all her art adventures at camaradas and other venues.

I borrowed that name to film many of our mutual art friends all over the city and beyond.. and such it stuck. Many people have viewed my videos including a friend by the name of Jorge, also known as the MC named KURIOUS JORGE, who made many songs during the late 80's early 90's.

He also supported all my art show by being there, and that means a lot. Our kids love each other and play often in the parks when ever the temperature permits, and thus a family friend relationship started.

After viewing a few of my art episodes, Kurious Jorge asked if I would be interested in making a video for him. I was so delighted and stunned because I never did a music video before! He gave me the CD of the album that he and Dave Dar was on, and asked me to pick a song from there and talk more about the idea that I might get from after hearing the sounds.

I heard allot of the CD and the #2 of the music was a hit! I totally visualized all the ideas of the video starting from the HOOK, and from there meetings to make it possible was possible.

They needed a better camera that what I was using, and the other person I remember that had such a camera was Giovanni G. also know as Gio BUZZ Saw... who works for

With Gio's help, and his skaters and bikers, all I needed was a location.

The place was so embedded in my memory I thought of one skate park which used to be across the streets from another friend name LEXI BELLA, Monroe street under the bridge.

EVEY THING was working well... and this promo video is just an essence to what will become.

I thank you all for reading and sharing with my my art experience via paint and or video...

~Marthalicia Matarrita

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Want to know more about Life in the ARTS.. Check out baby girl Manniie Morales, a chica who is in tuned in the arts and writes about them in her art journal.

check out her thoughts and her experiences here:

This Dynamc Chica place a lot of time and found me, wrote about me, and I will never foeget how truly humbled I am.. for her dedication!

ART EPISODES # 22 AFRO - LATINO American CrossRoads...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My SUNDANCE CHANNEL experience ...

DAY 1:
WEDNESDAY January 19th.
Early MORNING6:15 am

On January 19th, I woke up very early because I was so anxious about the long trip to Utah. I haven't been in a trip since I was 9 years old.

I woke up and went straight to Wesly's room and got him dressed for school.. he was begging me not to go because he says, that he has nightmares, and me staying will prevent him of having bad dreams. I smiled and reassured him that I will return to him and that I expected him to remain well, and to behave. As I was telling him this, many things crossed my mind and I started to tear a little bit. He understood and went on with our usual school preparation to go to school.

I woke up Tomas, my older brother who had already packed and pretty much was waiting on me to tell him " LETS GO ".
Moving around the house, gathering my stuff, I starting to get anxious about the whole idea of leaving New York City grounds, and being on a plane. I stood in the hallway dressed with my coat and all, my huge luggage ready, but frozen because I really didn't know how to disconnect myself from leaving my home...

I snapped and went out of it and told Tomas "lets go", and off we went. We went out side of the main doors, and saw already parked on the sidewalk, a huge black private car with my name on a large white paper, on the driver's side of the window. " I looked over to Tomas, with a huge grin and I asked him, was he "ready?" as we both approached the car.

The car ride to the airport made us act like we were two little gitty kids, giggling and cheery, still trying to realign our excitement, but nothing prepared us from seeing the JFK airport from the car.
The getting of our tickets, .....SMOOTH
The getting our luggage checked in ......SMOOTH
The getting into the plane, ......SMOOTH

THE PLANE RIDE As we got our seats, we also remembered that we were in a unique sitting placement, for we were at the emergency exit seats, on the right side of the wing. I didn't think nothing of it as I bucked up, but once we took off.... My heart was racing! ( again, it didn't seemed real to me that all of this was happening...)

The Most humbling experience being up in the air, was when we were reaching a 20 minute wait into getting close to the Salt lae City Air Port, was those HUGE MOUNTAINS that I saw from the sky. NO real natural history program on TV can ever capture what I  saw with my own eyes.  I cannot describe properly how I felt, but it was in totally memorization, in a total state of being speechless. I cant believe Mountains so huge can be seen this way, and they look so majestic with the snow covering its tops. WOW dinosaur HUGE ... ha ha ha...

We landed in UTAH:
(still my mind was on.. yeah its a dream.. lets go with the motion... ).. as we were heading to get our luggage and into our next task.

Stranded a bit at the airport, we were finally able to get a shuttle van that pick us and other passengers to our hotels. It was at least a 45 minute ride. And all along, my sweet son calls me to ask me how I was doing! I LOVE my son!

As soon as we reached our hotel, I was told to Check in, and gear out to the SUNDANCE CHANNEL HEAD QUARTERS with all my art materials ready to work.  I was a bit winded and out of breath as I entered our gorgeous hotel. Gitty still, we checked in, went to see our beautiful lavish one room apartment, and re focused out into a WORK - MODE status.
Out the door, across the street, we both stood there, waiting for the shuttle bus that states MAIN STREET to arrive. Both myself and my brother were wide eye at this point, checking out everything and feeling and adjusting our senses to the cold winds of the Utah air. Once out the bus, we rushed quickly to our destination, excited, bewildered, and ready to work. Once at the headquarters, we had sometime to eat and then familiarize myself with people that I had already met in New York City, as to the staff of this unique head quarters.

I finally linked up with the Art Coordinator who's art design of the entire Sundance Head Quarters J C, also know and Jean Claude___. He showed me and my brother around the place and then showed me the wall that I needed to make that " BRICK CITY " mural.

I got the art materials, mapped out the mural, and then when prepping the outline, I realized I wouldn't be able to finish this mural in one day, but needed some help. I was so lucky to have my older brother with me, for he helped me tremendously finish this mural in two days. He is very good with lettering and graffiti, and this was so helpful for me to complete this task. Wednesday felt like forever, because we were so engaged with the mural that my body started to feel so drained from the high altitude we were in, and the lack of food we got for the duration of the day. Day 1 felt like day 8th....  towards the end of this night, Tomas and I took with us, 2boxes of canvases, which I needed to pre prime for the next day. Once back to our Hotel, I layed all the canvass and made my pallate with its colors.


Thursday January 20th
Early morning 7am

Woke up early and got dressed. We got all the canvases that I primed, back into the boxes, and off we were to the Sundance Channel HQ. Day 2 went pretty fast, because both Tomas and I had to finish the mural for the next day. Also not only did we finsihed the mural late Thursday night but I was able to start my very first celebrity portraits. I was so nervous, but I kept it cool knowing that this is a very unique opportunity for me, so I couldn't let my nerves take over my focus.

Three gentlemen sat right next to Amer Hashim, the host, and they were getting the microphone adjustments and cues from other staff members. I sat behind the main stage, next to all the large cameras and crew members, as I am wide eyed and anxious to meet these directors on the interviewing table.

The Brian____ called me up to him, and introduced me to the guests, and went further in describing to them that I will be making portraits of them, while they will be conducting a brief interview, the three men looked straight in my eyes and smiled with surprise that that was even possible. ( in my mind.. I was WHAT.. didn't I suppose to make one portraits? ... I didn't say much but refocus my thoughts as to find a way to execute this very fast!)

::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::Quick summery of the past days :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Day 3 through Day 9th ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Pretty much the routine was as such;

1.Wake up,

2. prepare to leave the hotel,

3. get The shuttle bus to main street with out preprimed canvases,

4. ready to be worked on,

5. then eat breakfast ,

6. to then rush to the "STUDIO" where all the interviews are being conducted,

7. have breaks if it was scheduled,

8. then eat drink plenty of water,

9. to then work again. Around 6 or even 7 pm I finsihed work to then travel back to my

10. to preprimed more blank canvases for the next day.

In total 144 Canvases were done by the course of one week.