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Biography Marthalicia Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations. Marthalicia early stages: Sharng "black books" graffitti art journals as well as comic books were her past time. Encouraged by faith to persue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, and upon graduating high school, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. She enrolled in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for B.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her art resume further in her new art journey "Live Art Performance" Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and oppourtunites where she builds with her community and others.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Painting Tonight at the Studio Museum of Harlem at 7pm -11pm

Abstract Nomadic Media (AbNomad) presents “Afro-Latin edition” of Uptown Fridays! Dance to the worldly beats of Global Ghetto Technician, Geko Jones, along with a warm-up by up Eclectic Technician Ethegy. Experience this high-energy party flow into paint as visual artists create Afro-Latin inspired work live to the beats! Don’t miss this fun and festive evening of culture in Harlem!

Vist the Studio Musuem in Harlem's website:

Preview Geko Jones here:

Preview Ethegy here:

*Featured painters:
Andre Trenier
Vaimoana “Moana” Niumeitolu
Marthalicia Matarrita

COVER: $15 for members, seniors & students and $20 for the general public. Tickets are available for purchase at the museum store.

CASH BAR will be available.

(Rain Date on August 28th!)

I Painted at Voodoo Lounge, and traveled to see B-day Josie at Deity

Hot and humid.... "sweating balls" as my brothers would say as I stood on the corner waiting for my art friend Lexi Bella on 1st ave on 1st street. Yeah I was lost, I thought I knew where was voodoo lounge was. Apparently even the name of the place changed, to Luck Chang I believe. Either way, I was lead to Voodoo Lounge, and there she was and also another cool ass person, Natalie Crue, who I met via the infamous Facebook.

The night was way cool... its been a while were I was able to really listen to Underground hip hop. It was so so SO motivating... Got me really into my art. Now mind you, I created that painting at the most interesting lighting source, dim and red. The Red light bulb and its low luminance power was the lighting setting for this really cool urban atmosphere, kinda jazzy romantic to say the least. The Brown Paper Bag All Starts were on stage after a long time of tuning the equipments and sounds. Professional were these guys.

Towards the end of the night a fella by the name of Maxx wanted to buy my painting, and so you have it, a happy young man !

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Antagonist Art Movement: Doll

I am very honored and fortunate to have had the chance to participate with the Antagonist Art movement in the past couple of years. This time around, Their movement had a few hand made dolls that were created by one founder of the movement by the name of Ethan Minsker. This dude is way cool, and is well rounded and know way too much about the art movement in New York City. He even offers the chance for other artist to show and present their art work in Lower Manhattan at a place called Niagara Bar and Lounge, located at: 112 Avenue A [at 7th Street] New York City. number: 212-420-9517

The following information is from The Antagonist Art Movement BLOG post:

What are the Dolls Of Lisbon?
It’s the next overseas art show in Portugal.
The plan: 10 to 20 artists, musicians, and filmmakers travel to Lisbon
for 10 days of creative events. Ted can give you more on the artist’s
statement. For my part I’m working on the film that documents the
event. I’ve already been shooting for 8 months.

The Dolls
I’m making 100 dolls for artists to paint change and make their own.
We will then show them in Lisbon. It takes me about 9 hours to do one.
I start with a wire frame then take strips of cut up t-shirts and
build up the body, and then I cover it tightly with canvas. It’s hard
so the artists can paint it. I’ve made 64 dolls. 16 went to Lisbon, 6
Berlin, 2 Baltimore, 1 Roma, and the rest in and around NYC.

How do you get to work on a doll?
You have to show with us on a Thursday art show. If we like your work we will ask you to do a doll.

We were hoping to go in October or November of '09 but it looks more
like May of 2010.
What is the hold up?
We are waiting for written conformation from the gallery and city.

Bring on the bitching. Artists and other Antagonist keep harassing me about the date. I get it, you want to know so you can take off time from work and get a deal on a ticket. Well I could make up a date, but that won’t help you. When I know the dates you will know the dates.
Stop asking me.

You can see a selection of dolls at the Antagonist show on October 17th to November 12th at the Mindy Wyatt Gallery, 814 Broadway, 2nd floor, NYC.

If you are one of our artists who is working on a doll post a photo here.

-Ethan Minsker

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Re Cap of the Freeway show down... awsome people and great talent

My friend Ema ( Liz the photographer ) was so cool, and was present at the past August 7th show at SouthPaw, and it was her energy that captured many amazing photos. I am honor to show these photos by her... To see more of her dynamic photos, take a look at her blog:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Press Release : The Artist Process" documentary


more information contact:

the streets of Harlem to the stages during Art Battles, Marthalicia Matarrita
has proven time after time to be one of the rawest and most talented
competitors to challenge in the illusive world of live visual performance, more
commonly known as live art. At any moment on any given day, she can be found in
one of the five burroughs competing in a show or performing for any of the
neighborhoods that have inspired her to set-up her canvas. In 2006, Martha
started M-squared Art Productions; a collective grounded in the four elements
of hip-hop. M-Squared integrates art and music into the party landscape of New
York City with Marthalicia's specialty in live painting.

time around, Marthalicia has taken it a step further and challenged herself by
putting together a group project whose main focus is dedicated to, “The Artists
Process”. The show will run with Photographers and Film Makers meeting at each
individual artists home. The Photographer and Film Maker will solely document
the hands and feet as the artists wake up & go about their daily routine.
This visual element will create a more dynamic approach to interpreting both
visual & sound as the artist gets ready to leave their home until they
arrive at their final location, 5 Pointz, (famous graffiti landmark in Queens).
All the artist will be documented in this similar fashion. Focusing on the feet
will represent movement and daily activities of each artist.

the beginning of this documentary, the "natural" sounds of their
daily activity will be the only thing the viewer will hear, but once the colors
are mixed onto the artists palette, the sounds will be mixed into loops and
MC's voices as each MC will provide a hook or a "line".

out and experience this expose into the lives of those who live for art and
live to perform it live. Artists included for this event: Marthalicia
Matarrita, Lissette Barros, Broke Mc, Sean Bono, John Smalls, Jemal McClary,
Space Craft, Bless Roxwell, Lichiban, Venus Rodriguez, Mista Metro & much

all the artists, MC’s & dancers LIVE at ??? , Weekday?, Month? Day?, 2009.
Doors open at ?pm.

more information: Marthalicia Matarrita 646-796-4457/


Sunday, August 9, 2009

Re Cap: (The good and the ugly); Astoria Park Festival: July 25th 2009

Lots to say about this particular event that happened on a steamy hot summer day. My son and I trooped all the way from Harlem to Queens on a Saturday afternoon, to link up with my art buddy Spaze Craft. As I arrived two other cool ass artist of by the name of John Smalls and Ming ( both Art Battle Study group attendees), were already finishing their master piece as I stepped in the scene. Their cool works wasn't able to be documented by me, but I sure hope some one took a picture. They both collaborated on a long narrow stretched canvas that was stapled onto a wooden panel that must have been over 7 feet tall and 4 feet wide. decent I think. Ming my art friend, directed me to the coordinator to the festival and who was located far away on the other end of the "live art show/presentation". We shook hands as we greeted each other. I proceed in asking this gentleman as to "when do I begin painting live and where? He lead me to the same location I saw my art buddies earlier, but there was a major problem, there wasn't any canvas for neither Space Craft or myself to "Paint Live" on.

The coordinator so happened to ask the near by artist who had three large wooden panel that had three large canvas that was primed, (as a back drop for his art and those of neighboring artist), if he knew where there was extra canvas? The artist said that he didn't know of any canvas that were meant for us, or any that was laying around, the only ones he know of was his very own that he himself brought from his home. OK OK, simple, there I saw the "MISS COMMUNICATION" the assumption that the coordinator made over someone else's canvas which he didn't buy himself. OK OK so far you understand what is happening. At this point, seeing how automatically he became distant to me, I also saw how he couldn't find a way for me to paint, which wasn't a problem for me in particular, I would have then enjoyed a day at the park with Wesly and a few other art friends, why not right? I already spent 5 bucks on transportation, why not explore this Astoria Park, it sure looks fun.

As I was contemplating to play in the park and give up painting for the day, and also since this dude was already giving me signs that he wasn't placing any effort in getting us materials or a canvas, Space Craft joins in the conversation that we all was then making (a conclusion that there wasn't gonna be Live art). You all understand body language right?, and also the sounds of annoyance when a person doesn't want to do a specific job? I totally felt that from this guy. So Space Craft gets all the info that was reiterated back to him via the neighboring artist and by the coordinator, who Space Craft addressed back to him HIS original plan to have different slots for artist to paint live. "That was the agreement, and that's what you told us". The Coordinator gets nervous because Space Craft gets on his P's and Q's with him, whom which didn't liked which lead him not to be seen ever again at the park, EVER.

Now Space Craft is heated, and I don't blame him. It takes a lot for an artist to commute with stuff to sell and equipment and supplies, (which so Space Craft did, he set his art station that he sold some t-shirts and goodies for the public), and his health, he gave one of his kidney's to his girlfriend this year.So that all together takes a lot out of some one.

We never got back from the coordinator, but I was then motivated to utilize my time artsy wise, so I manage to take out the painting that the first group of artist created, turned it around, with the help of friends and people near me, and taped the UN primed canvas onto the wooden board. Space Craft wanted it side ways to expand an art dialogue in a horizontal manner. Cool beans, we were set, and he didn't have much time to make a clear map of what we wanted to do, so we improvised because the sun was setting and there was no external lights given to us. We were also lucky that the coordinator was generous to have purchased different set of house paint for us artist to use for our live art presentation, which I will later talk about in this blog. Now the sun is setting way faster now, and all of us were exhausted and hungry. We then decide to call a a day, and pack up. At this time, it was a little over then 7:45pm; and guess what, this dude, the coordinator for this art event, hasn't arrived yet, or even bother calling us, to see if we were still around or OK. This made me think, OK this dude wasn't really into this art thang? We eventually stayed a bit longer since Wesly made some cool friends in the massive large park. I then utilized that opportunity to really get down and clean up my art supplies. Now the question arises; What about this house paint that is left here by the art coordinator? Shooooo , I wanted to take it, but I couldn't, so much I was caring and the commute wasn't easy going back home with Wesly who might potentially fall asleep and me carrying these heavy gallons of paint, would take a toll on me later on. What to do then with these awesome color house paint? What a coincidence, the parks department was making a round up and clean up of all areas of the park , at this instance we struck a conversation with him over the event and the people there. Cool guy I might add, and super knowledgeable too. At one point I muttered how I was so envious to have those paints that were laying on the ground like that, and he then thought of an idea, what if I take it. Well to make the story short, the parks department takes it for hold, until either of us decide to take it home. The very next day, Space Craft calls me and tells me of a conversation with The Coordinator of the Astoria Festival and it wasn't pretty. That story you just have to hear it from himself.... Unbelievable. Well once again thank you so much for taking a journey with me to Queens during these hot Summer days. Stay Blessed ~Martha

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Re Cap: South Paw August 6th "STYLES P"

"THRILLING" Yes Yes Y'all, We Don't stop! Last night Styles P brought out Sheek Louch and Jadakiss of The Lox as well as Pharoah Monche! I was excited to be apart of this really cool event that went down on Thursday and Firday night. It was cool ! I met so many positive and ill people that night. Not to metion this AWSOME fresh photographer that took this kick ass flicks! Big up so Jaecyne Howell. Yes Yes Yall, We Don't Stop! Forever Fresh , Southern Thunder, Capital Concertz, & Briclyn Ent. Present:The Rock The Block Fest!August 6th (Day One) Starring Styles P! Featuring The Metermaids, NSR & Soulico. August 7th (Day Two) Starring Freeway!!Featuring Hezekiah & Kimberly Nichole. Opening Ceremonies Fetauring Soundwavve & Kee. Both Nights Hosted by Jason Negron Music Both Nights Provided by Dj Esquire. Live Painting Both Nights By Marthalicia Matarrita. We'd Proudly like to thank our gracious Sponsors...The Fader, Heineken, The Brooklyn Bodega, Staple Design, Soulfyne, Hustlemode, End Of The Weak, Ny Kings , Cool Cruel World,

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Re Cap of the SOLE FOOD NYC Block Party Aug. 1. 2009

What a day... I was thrilled to be apart of the SoleFood family and this crazy cool event that was held this Saturday August 1, 2009. Wesly and I saw alot of people crowding the main entrance of the store, and as the break dancers finished their presentation, (my older brother leading the pack), and THE SOURCE MAGAZINE, and all of its crew mingled amongst the crowd. A very short moment saying my "hello's" and prepping my station where I would paint, I then got the OK from the SOLEFOOD management as to start painting. I confess.... I TOTALLY forgot that all the artist was to paint a MICHAEL JACKSON painting as a tribute to his memorable personality and influential music. I was also luck to have a cool art friend, by the name Danielle Mastrion, who also was featured in the event, who shared one of her images with me of M.J. Nina Norwood also showed up not only for support, but also Paint with us all and Rock a Michael Jackson painting as well, and did Andre Trenier, Izzy, and another dude that wasn't so social. But I forgive him.... not all days are colorful as others.

“Encouraging Kids to Lead Healthier Lifestyles while Reaching for Success"

New York, NY – Sneaker maven Kiante “The Sneaker Mann” Young is organizing the Kiante The Sneaker Mann’s Back 2 School Fashion Block Party on August 1st on Lispenard Street (btw Church Street and Broadway) in TriBeCa. Taking place from 12pm – 6pm, parents and teens will be introduced to whats new for back to school. Sponsored by The Source Magazine, attendees will be treated to a fashion show, live paintings honoring Michael Jackson and tons of giveaways from companies like Sprite Green, Foot Locker, Wise Popcorn and others.

Kiante The Sneaker Mann is one of America's foremost fashion and sneaker experts. He showcases the latest footwear trends on news shows across the USA. From athletic sneakers to fashion forward sneakers, Kiante knows his kicks. To date, he has appeared in well over 170 news segments across America in cities like NY, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Detroit, DC, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, Indianapolis, Memphis, Hawaii, San Diego, Charlotte, Austin, Miami and many more. Aside from all that, he is an award-winning entrepreneur as well as a former Coca-Cola Ambassador. The Sneaker Mann is a recipient of the OppenheimerFunds Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his ambitious nature of giving back.

Touching so many lives with his music, Michael Jackson showed the world how to love. In honor of all that he has done, several artist will be painting MJ on canvases live. Sponsored by custom art and sneaker boutique Solefood NYC, artists painting live includes

Styled by The Source Magazine’s Rohn Padmore and OJ Williams, the fashion show will begin at 1pm and will showcase Fall fashions from Forever 21, Akademiks, Sabit, B. DES, Pastry, Adidas, Baby Phat/Phat Farm and many more. When asked why he is doing this event, Kiante states, “I have always worked hard to succeed and hoped that through my success, others can be inspired. With so many negative in our lives (like the ecomony) why not have one day of where people can have a good time for free.”