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Biography Marthalicia Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations. Marthalicia early stages: Sharng "black books" graffitti art journals as well as comic books were her past time. Encouraged by faith to persue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, and upon graduating high school, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. She enrolled in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for B.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her art resume further in her new art journey "Live Art Performance" Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and oppourtunites where she builds with her community and others.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Re cap of: Sole Food NYC "Ladies Night" July 31

Every LAST THURSDAY of every month, Sole Food NYC, provides programs for and by the productive, ongoing, creative ladies from New York City, and Sole Food NYC does it well.
This past Thursday, Sole Food had me painting live, OUT SIDE, (because it was way crowed indoors, so I took the liberty to paint out doors as the night fell hard, and fast. Program started from 7pm until 10pm, and I got there around 7:30 is, my bad. I took my son with me so that he can see what I do and play and mingle with close friends of mine at this HOT trendy spot. Now, if your new to knowing Sole Food, its OK, this is a brief explanation of who they are and what they stand for:

"Solefood NYC LLC, is a restaurant themed, life style driven, custom sneaker boutique and also an art gallery. Specializing in street wear, custom sneakers and custom apparel, this boutique gallery offers a one on one consultation between our clients and our quality staff, which consists of sneaker customize, and clothing designer, and stylises"

Now that you have an idea of who and what they do, this night at their place, I was able to paint Live with my son. I got there a bit late, and I was able to rock an painting out doors, while enjoying the company of Nina Norwood, an up incoming artist from Brooklyn, who so traveled far with her 5 month old son ( *I am dearly touched by her glorious presence at the show, moved me so much that she went out her way to see me and the show, SHE DEFIANTLY has a very strong spirit!) As also another dear friend Frankie Velez, also from Brooklyn made his guest appearance at the spot, how honored I am to have also seen him that night. He was so nice, and courteous, that he took some of these awesome shots, plus parlay a bit about life, art and everything in between. As the night approached, I offered Nina the opportunity to paint with me, since there were sufficient card board around, and she started to GET down on it on it next to me, SHE ROCKS! She painted, we all talked and pretty much the night ended with comfort and delight of growth in the discussion of making art in New York City. In my piece that I did today, I wanted to make a conversation of Life and Death, and how we are disassociated of the idea or it. Why I bring it up, well, the passing of many either famous and non famous people that I have know, made me think as to how we are as a person and how we are to one another in a society as well as how we value ourselves with the concept of passing over. The "planting of seed" which is what the children are doing and dropping it in the eyes of the skull, suggest, planting seed in the eyes of the Behondler. What you sow is what you reap. What you give is what your will end up getting in return, pretty much. As you know, a child is the most important key in making a better society in the future, and what better way is to pass on great values and opportunity while YOUR STILL LIVING, am I right?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Monthly "Bondfire" Recape of July 28th, 2009

The last Tuesday of every month, The "BONDFIRE" Open mic and concert series, have held many of their unique and so talented artist on stage on The Bowery Poetry Club on 308 Bowery, New York, New york.

I was very honored and luck to be apart of these series. I am now a resident artist there, as these cool artist do their thang on stage. My unique position was given to me by my dear friend Conscious, aka: The Bronx Uber

During this particular night, my guest artist(s) was my older brother Tomas M. aka: ATOMIC, and then followed by Lexi Bella, the dynamic up in coming artist of New York City. WHAT A NIGHT, The OPEN MIC session WAS HOT! Ill skills, dynamic delivery conceptual thoughts, laced this air with provoking and mesmerizing flair. Such BONDFIRE are like these, but not all are the same. TreZure was in the house, as this birthday princess sway to the rhythm of the spoken word rapped in R&B and hip hop flavor.

The following is the Facebook info from the presentation of ALL the performers that Blessed the stage: featuring So Live, Ihsan & Bennchoumy

Special Guest: Willie Green (Producer)
SPECIAL PREMIER of "...Of Heroes and Villains" album will be spun in throughout the night.Hosted by The Bronx Über Villain co host The Brooklyn Dütes
Sounds by DJ Ready Cee
Photography by Techie NYC
Resident Live Artist Marthalicia
Cover $5 after 10:30 $10 ( Free Hiphop Now Blog subscribers get in for $5 all night. Just mention you're a subscriber at the door).*Free copies of Paper magazine's summer issue while supply lasts.
Door opens at 10PM (Open Mic Sign Up at 10PM. Limited list. Be on time!)
Bondfire Mic's Open Show begins at 10:30-11:30
Bondfire Concert Series Begins at 11:45

"Being plastered all over the cover of entertainment magazines generally has no bearing on whether or not the artists pictured, actually live up to what the articles inside them mention..."Bondfire: Mic's Open Show 10:30 -11:30pm
Think MTV Unplugged, Def Poetry/Comedy Jam & SNL. Then stop, thinking that. During Bondfire: Mic's Open Show, open mic participants are guest of the host, 'The Bronx Über Villain'. Like medieval times where kings were entertained by the likes of jesters and musicians, performers do the same for the audience as well as ,'The Bronx Über Villain'. Each performance concludes with a mostly humorous comment from the host. The official show once edited for television and dvd will have a mix of the most outstanding open mic performances and out takes, live performances from the Bondfire: Concert Series, video interviews with various artists, comedy sketches and special ‘The Bronx Über Villain' commentary.

Bondfire: Concert Series 11:30pm-until

People aren't too enthused these days with live shows. They never seem to start on time. Artists either cancel or show up and aren't that impressive when they do. New York is a great city that has a reputation for being the starting point, and place of discovery of some of the greatest musicians to ever do it. Bondfire: Concert Series is about regaining the confidence of music lovers and creating lasting memories. Simply having a wonderful time. We're saying, 'No To Mediocrity!'.

Brought to you by... I ARE Promo

If ‘Ushouldnoaboutit’ we’re talking about it. I Are Promo is more then your would be, run of the mill, email blast spewing, wanna be PR company. We deliver the goods on unique happenings on and off line and are devoted to issuing quality entertainment from our growing list of superb clients, not just any ol’ folks that can toss us a dollar for our extensive promotional campaign methods. We have the right to be selective, since we do all the work. I Are Promo seeks only to provide the world with interesting and valuable content. Guaranteed, you won’t get any mind fluff from us. That’s for sure.

Nia Andino: my LaGuardi High School Friend Joined me on Monday at the Hybrid Movement and that of this past Tuesday at the Bondfire

And my past co-worker, and friend, Bennchoumy

Monday, July 27, 2009

Re-Cap : of the Monday Night Hybrid Movement: Dance and Open Mic

I'm gonna be way honest with you, I never been to a Broadway show, or to a theater of any sort that presented dance, singing or event that held tons of people, like that of a movie theater; at least the latter provides pop corn. On Monday night at a mini Theater called THE TANK, I was ask to paint live while either dancers or poets gets down to recite or perform their art, while I do mine on the side, with my accompanied friend GEO, a fellow graff writer. The event held several dances, that were all unique and captivating. The Ballet with modern moves and attire place me in very familiar to their body communication. I was very fortunate to have been invited by a member that no longer participated at this program, which then lead me to experience such a once in a life time view of acrobatics and beautiful dance movements, in mid air.

This viewing was done AFTER I was on stage with GEO. We both had a time line to finish a painting, ( and talk about constraints, I had to complete this painting within 30-45 minutes!!! That's right, UN heard of. I thought I was in the AMERICA GOT TALENT audition at first...) I was also fortunate to have a dear friend from High school attend the show case, who was able to take pictures of me painting. I owe her so much, Thank you Nia Adino

This program was organized By the Hybrid movement, who's vision was to create an open forum for artist to speak and view other artist express their art, from traditional dance such as Ballet to those to those of the Urban flare, Break Dance.
The following his their words of their mission: Hybrid n. anything that is a mixture of two different thingsFlow v. To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid.
This event is a fundraiser for The Hybrid Movement Company's Sacred Words project and the Movement As Metaphor youth and adult training program.

Our Mission is to :Create hybrid performance art productions that are inspiring and culturally relevant to today's diverse audiences.
Create sustainable, inclusive and engaging outreach programs that make dance and circus arts accessible to participants of any cultural and economic backgrounds.
Reposition the role of performance arts in today's culture and expand its purpose in the education of youth and enrichment of community locally and internationally.
Share our newly developed Acro/dance genre 'Hybrid' with youth both locally and internationally.

Our Values / Principles are :The universe is a unified system.
Each is connected to every other in some way.
Life depends on co operation and balance.
Living systems are self managed.
Stability and resilience increases as connections increase within a system , and to other systems.
Lack of inputs creates either stress or work.
Unused output is pollution.

The HYBRID company is composed of these amazing acrobatic and elegance and graceful dancers: The Hybrid Movement Company ;

Jillian D St.Germain, a dance and aerial dance choreographer, performer, coach, writer and designer for the Hybrid Movement Company.
Francoise N. Voranger,who creates visual arts, props, music, aerial and dance choreography, coaches and performs for the Hybrid Movement Company.
Omar A Thomas,who creates dance and martial arts choreography, coaches, performs and designs for the Hybrid Movement Company.
Gavin Mark McNally performs and constructs dance movement, writes imaginary and narrative works and is active in all aspects of the field of cosmotology.
Ronnie Terrell Thomas,who creates dance choreography,visual arts and performs for The Hybrid Movement Company.
Brandon Grimm,who creates aerial and dance choreography,designs costumes and make up,and performs for
the Hybrid Movement Company.

I even SOLD this painting, but I WASN'T EVEN FINISHED... they wanted it as is. The Universe knows whats its doing, because I lost or have been stolen money from me by strangers, and the come backs are rolling in. Please do good onto others. Its just feels good, and your are helping some one that need it. KARMA

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Initiative Radio interviews ME !!! take a listen if you like

"Although it may seem cliché to say that art can be a healing element for people, Angela's guest Marthalicia Mataritta, a New York City born painter is a living testament to this sentiment. As a youth, she and her two brothers grew up in an unstable fashion with their ailing mother and the family moved between New York City and Massachusetts, then between the Dominican Republic and back to New York City, where they lived in cramped quarters and finally in a homeless shelter.

Children are resilient however and Marthalicia and her brothers were no exception. They used art and music to distract them from all of the negative events that resulted from their nomadic lifestyle. So strong was Marthalicia's passion for art, that her natural talent and enthusiasm won her the opportunity to attend the reputable La Guardia High School for Music, Art and Performing Arts and thereafter, with a military scholarship she attended college to finalize her formal studies in Visual Arts.

Today, Marthalicia is the mother of an energetic four year old boy and a busy live painter, who engages in art battles. Art battle competitions are an exciting part of New York City's dynamic art and music scene and for skilled painters like Marthalicia who are both talented and expeditious with their craft, the rewards can be tremendous and an artist's popularity can soar in a relatively short amount of time. The story of Marthalcia Matarrita is an inspiration to her fellow artists and to people who are facing adversity in their lives
" ~Angela Mckenzie.

Friday, July 24, 2009

"The Artist Process" A document of the process of an artist. Seeking help

I had a vision of making a huge piece at an abandon parking lot, or large space where we all visual artist can create individual pieces or ONE LARGE COLABO piece: I wanted to get your input?
I wanted to know if you all would like to participate at this huge art project?
I need photographers, film makers and sounds persons to make this happen. I select those that are in this note to see if they are interested. Please let me know if you would like to contribute your time for this massive project.

"The Artist Process":
This is how it goes:
Photographers and film makers will go to each individual artist and capture JUST THE HANDS and FEET at their home, or place they rest their head at.. You might think this odd right? Check this.
The Photographer and film maker will document just the hands and feet as the artist wake up, do their daily routine. The photographers and film makers will not document the artist face, just to make it dynamic. As the artist GETS ready to leave their place, photo people and film people will capture your feet as well, as you place your shoes and other things ready, as you lead the viewer to The Parking lot or rooftop?

All the artist will be documented this way. Again your faces will not be shown, just your hands activity and your feet activity. Why the feet, because it represents movement. Artist as always, are active one way or another.

The sounds: From the beginning of this documentary, the "natural" sounds of your daily activity will be the only thing the viewer will hear, BUT once you mix the colors onto your palette, the sounds will be mixed into loops and MC's voices as each MC will provide a hook or a "line".

I will need different perspective, and a large location, if you know or any place via Brooklyn, Manhattan or any other place, let me know. I want the place to be graffiti clean so that the view can see just our work. The creative process, not being influence by other art works.

I will look for sponsors to help get us paid for our work, and if you know any one that want to help let me know. I will advertise them to the best of my abilities. This film is for New Yorker Artist Appreciation, and what we all have invested our time. I give credit to many of you artist here, for being such an impact to me and to the LIVE ART MOVEMENT.
If you know of any otter artist that want to be down or any otherphotographers please send them my info:

Marthalicia Matarrita

p.s. Prefered to contact me via e-mail, where I Can esperss my thoughts better, but if need, call me.

I hope you all can meet each other and work together.
One Love


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SLR ( Street Literature Review ), at the Harlem Book fair, I PAINT LIVE RECAP !

On Saturday July 18th, I was asked to paint live by my friend Jason, and also Anthony Whyte who are apart of the SLR movement. SLR means: Street Literature Review, a team of writers and thinkers, that come together to heighten reading in their communities and share stories from their community with their writing to others. What a great way to revolutionize thought. Awesome.

(SLR: "Augustus Publishing was created to unify minds with entertaining, hard-hitting tales from a hood near you. Hip Hop Literature interprets conteporary times and connects to readers through shared language, culture and artistic expression. From street tales and erotica to coming-of age sagas, our stories are endearing, filled with drama imagination and Laced with a Hip Hop Steez."

I was so excited and was getting ready to prepare to paint live on Saturday, that I forgot to get some materials for me to create from. Lucky I saw what I wanted to paint and manifest it very very quickly. In this blog I will copy their agenda plan of that day, and also share with you some photos as well. I do hope you like them. The greatest news of them all, is that I sold my painting at the Book fair, even when I wasn't completely finished. Long story but I will get into that shortly. Also, more more thang, my son Wesly was such a trooper, and beat the heat, that he also contributed to the movement by handing out pamphlets to the on going human traffic, that would stop at book stands that were all lined up on the streets, side by side. There were a point in time that the heat was a bit unbearable, and my son couldn't take it, and to the rescue were a few friends that just arrived to help accompany Wesly as I encouraged to continue on painting. I met new people and those I knew that lived around the neighborhood. How odd, I grew up here and now I am painting HERE ? I never envisioned that at all.

No lie, right a couple of feet from me, the YMCA on 135th street was the place I used to with my brothers after school. Still standing tall. The following are photos of the event:
I am starting off:

Wesly gets busy:

Towards the middle of my painting, and taking a quick break, I found my son and his new friend, asking to paint with me. I asked them to get a card board of some sort so that they can start as soon as possible. The two were delighted ! It seemed to the audience around us, that what I was offering my little ones was a great idea, not just to watch, but to also include their little ones in the action of painting live with me. How I had a blast sharing my art stuff with them. This is what happened towards the end of the event.

. Anthony Whyte, is no ordinary guy, he is an amazing writer, profound and knowlegeable about human nature and the streets. He has written a great number of well known books. You can find them here:

Thanks to Anthony, I had a blast with his SLR crew, and not to mention Jason who gave me his canvas... YOU GUYS ROCK!
I also forgot to mention that Anthony Whyte is the writer for ZORA RETURNS TO HARLEMPerformance theatrical Zora Neale Hurston Starring NAACP Award Winner Antonia Badon in 4 shows 3 days

Time:8:00PM Friday, September 11th through the 13th

RSVP your tickets early call 347 767 8482
SLR is Soulfully Leading the Renaissance


Harlem Book Fair – 2009

West 135th Street - Malcolm X to Frederick Douglass Boulevard (6th to 8th Avenues)

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture
515 Malcolm X Boulevard @West 135th Street

Countee Cullen Library
104 West 136th Street (near Malcolm X Boulevard)

Thurgood Marshall Academy (TMA)
200 W 135th Street (West 135th Street @ Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Boulevard)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Three Art Shows for the end of JULY: July 25th, 27th, 28th

Sure its like, way last moment, but I was offered this awesome opportunity to paint live in QUEENS. Its way cool because there has been wonderful programs that's been held there, but not many people go or know about them.

I am here to tell ya also that I will be also painting Live this Saturday with a dear friend of mine, who goes by the name of SpazeCrafte. If you already know of him and his dynamic mind and beyond atomic skillz, then you defiantly know that we are defiantly gona paint live together on two large panels. This event will have Live Music and awesome visuals. There will be more information of this event coming shortly; I just wanted to share with you what I got thus far.

Also, if you don't know much about my art pal SPAZE CRAFTE, check out his work here:

Soh-Nup Industries is the virtual hub for the creative multi-disciplined work of cultural producer & arts educator Aaron Lazansky-Olivas aka SpazeCrafte One.
Soh-Nup has been providing children of all ages with quality hip hop arts & media literacy programming for over 15 years globally. In addition, through his branded characters, "Da Holy Rollahz!", Soh-Nup is producing a number of limited edition art-products with an environmental & health awareness twist to marry a love of creativity with a global perspective for human longevity.

Soh-Nup has recently launched the "HIP-HOP(e) for Healing" Project which will provide, to marginalized under-served communities, information on healthy living, organ donation registration & environmental awareness on local & national levels. We also give free hugs, smiles & warm

For more information contact:
buy our stuff:* &
visit: to download the PDF press kit
visit: for urban culture, arts & education, health, & community activism
follow us on twitter: @spazecraft

JULY 27: Painting Live on 42nd street at a Dance company.
July 28th Tuesday, Painting Live at the Bowery Poetry Club.

Painting created for the CMYIC

Titled: " BORN WITH IT " Created On Sunday July.19.09 for a documentary with my best bud Sylvia Ortiz. Awesome Artist ! I was honored by them to be apart of an independent film, collectively with other artist and with my friend Sylvia, for a film that I will show you within weeks from now. I do hope you like them. Below are information about the production and its crew.

The Organization is called: CMIYC Productions:
Catch Me If You Can Productions is an independent film company that focuses on the establishment of up and coming artists in the field of film. We were founded in September, 2008 and throughout the last few months have worked on making our dream of creating a New Housing Complex for artists a realization. We desire to create a space for talented artists struggling to express their art and survived within a city that makes it extremely difficult.CMIYC Website: Joshua Martinez Creative Director

The Struggle Of The New York Artist:
The Struggle of the New York Artist focuses on the documentation of the individual struggles and obstacles of New York artists as they strive to obtain their dreams and enrich their art. It illustrates the trials and tribulations of artists and their interconnected identities. The film is comprised of visual and digital artists, dancers, actors, actresses, singers, rappers, and other artists whose expression is enriched by their struggle. We do not intend to represent all the struggles of the artist community in New York but give a representation of what some of us must undergo in the hopes of enlightening the masses and forging a connection among each other.

Other Things about CMIYC:
CMIYC Productions is in the process of developing a street team for young talented youth interested in film or artistic expression as a whole, but are in need of funding to make it possible. CMIYC Street Team will focus on the promotion of the company as well as challenging youth to think "outside" of the box by providing them with innovative ways of expressing themselves by offering them courses on digital design, acting, film, and other forms of artistic expression. The Street Team will teach youth about the importance of public speaking and how to promote themselves as well as a project.

Also, we do head shots for up and coming artists needing to find affordable ways to promote themselves (head shots range from $70.00 - $150.00 a shoot). We also offer acting classes for youth interested in pursuing a career in acting.

CMIYC Website:

Joshua Martinez
Creative Director
Catch Me If You Can Productions
233 Norman Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222
"Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising everytime we fall"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Painting Live of July 27th, July 28th ALSO August 6th & 7th.

I will soon post some fliers of these amazing show.
Then on August 6th and the 7th, I will be at SOUTH PAW, in Brooklyn NY. Here is the flier for that event and details.
Yes Yes Yall, We Don't Stop! Its going to be Historic @ Southpaw August 6th & 7th! Forever Fresh , Southern Thunder, Capital Concertz, & Briclyn Ent. Present: The Rock The Block Fest! August 6th (Day One) Starring Styles P! Featuring The Metermaids and NSR

August 7th (Day Two) Starring Freeway!! Featuring Hezekiah & Kimberly Nichole Opening Ceremonies Fetauring Soundwavve & Kee Both Nights Hosted by Jason Negron Music Both Nights Provided by Dj Esquire Live Painting Both Nights By Marthalicia Matarrita We'd Proudly like to thank our gracious Sponsors... The Fader Heineken The Brooklyn Bodega Staple Design Soulfyne Hustlemode End Of The Weak Ny Kings Cool Cruel World Advance Tickets to both nights are only $30 and come with a fantastic goodie bag!! Individual Nights are $15 in advance and $20 at the door. AMAZING DRINK SPECIALS TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY! MANY FREE GIVEAWAYS AND MORE TO BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY! See you there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Art Battles : Part: 1 & 2.

Although I didnt win this extrodinary chance for a mural gig, I must say I had a great time. I learned so much about myself and about Art Battles, and my fellow amazing artist that are all so cool! Check out the NEW POP, documented by the illest TREVZ.

Part: 2

Part: 1

Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on my dog Isis: July 13 THE BRONX

What an ordeal, what a struggle not to have had Isis, my dog placed in animal control. My other dog Bruce was placed in animal control, and sadly was put down.

Ever since April of this year, I was place in a situation where my family and I had to relocate from Brooklyn to Manhattan; and our current place doesn't allow dogs or any another animals of any kind. I was so lucky to have had a friend that have held her from early April until late June. Although we don't have our place yet in the Bronx, but at least we have our Isis back. All I am singing today is : REUNITED and IT FEELS SO GOOD ... ~Peaches and Herb

Sunday, July 12, 2009

WEZ, and who is he in my life?

A true story, one that has many meaning. Could be a fairy tale or one that is confusing; just wanted to share to the world the dude in my life. But before I begin, I wanted to tell you that he doesn't want anyone to know him, and thus his face and his identity will remain a mystery to many, especially to those that don't know me well. Lets call my dude " WEZ ".

It started off in junior high school, Roberto Clemente, which is located still on 135th street on Broadway. You can see a really tall project building that is called 3333, and under that housing project, a high school is laid. I used to go to that school way back, and so did my brothers Tomas and Jorge, not to mention my cousin Yadira the dancer and other close mutual friends of ours.
Every morning my dad drops us off to school, and every afternoon my mom picks us up. The usual routine for 4 years. During these junior high school years, and during my lunch period, I would often walk to my aunts house that wasn't far, and go there to eat my lunch, sometimes with my cousin or without. My aunt made the best Dominican dishes, mangu and charchichon con queso, or soups etc; The list is endless. Either way, on my way either to or from her apartment, I would often see some of class mates wondering the streets, looking to play hooky or scoop out where to eat. I also would see fights on the streets which were so common during the early 90's and often witness such activities.

During my Jr high school experience, I remember very clearly, one afternoon, where two classes were merged into one. I'm not sure why, but I do remember that happening from time to time. During these unique transaction, I met "WEZ". He was an average looking kid. I didn't really paid any mind to him, as I did with other guys. He told me that " I asked you to draw me a picture, and you did one very quickly, you created a face being punched by a glove, full impact, and you did it with a pink pen" He thought that was cool. He told me that he kept it for a long time, until it was lost within the passing of the years.

Dang I honesty didn't remember that at all. I do remember a lot of class mate asking me to make them something, I usually did, so did my brothers. It was fun, and why not? right?

The turning point: meant to be or not?
After junior high school, I then entered La Guardia High school of Performace and the Arts, in lower Manhattan. Four years of that, martial art, and after school art programs was my regiment. My days ran together and fast. Condensing the this story a bit: After High school, I then was lost as to either enrolling to a college ( which I didn't know how to) or just wonder the world working part time at some retail store as I did during the summer. Art, as I was told, wasn't a career choice that I should invest. That made my heart weak and sour, but my parents never gave up on me. A chance was given, a scholarship to enroll at S.U.N.Y. New Paltz was awarded to me by E.O.P and thrilled I was ! I choose my profession and art it was. Sadly I found out that the scholarship was for one year only. crushed and in dis pare, I didn't know what to do next? Give up college, but I'm right here? (condensing the story once again), I enlisted to the Army National Guard, and went through basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina. And then one year and a half of dirt eating, running and sweating, I completed my task, but was still a soldier. How this connects to WEZ you say? Well here it goes;
After A.I.T ( Advance Initial Training : 91 Bravo Combat medic training at Fort Sam Houston Texas ), and my flight back to New York City, my dad picks me up. What an emotional roller coaster, seeing my dad and hearing of bad news as then entered the homeless shelter on 137th street between 6th and 7th ave. Telling me about mom, and how she was missing since the summer, and what not.

Why I bring the shelter story: I was embarrassed to sleep there and yet alone take any type of shower there, I felt uncomfortable and I couldn't trust no one there. I often walked from the east side of Harlem to the west, to Broadway to see my aunt, so that I can take a shower. Ever so often I had that chance to be "normal", I did my military drill, took showers at base ( Yonkers) and returned home. One afternoon, after utilizing my aunts home, I proceeded to walk towards the east side, to the shelter. Walking up the hill towards City College, in the corner of my eye was WEZ standing right in front of this building. "DANGGGGG I remember you!" as he smiled and I did too. (the year was fall in 2000). He asked me were I was heading to, and I hesitated in telling him, because it was so embarrassing. Who would say, yeah I live in a shelter. I then said to myself, why lie; I got the guts in telling him my story as brief as I could. I thought he would laugh at me, but he didn't. He felt sad and surprised that anyone had to go through it all.
He gave me his pager number and the magic began. He even offered for me to take of my personal hygiene at his place, which I then did. The magic grew, and what a strong force. 2001 came rolling, and I had to return to upstate New York. He asked me out and our relationship is as it was then first time we met in Junior High School.

I wanted to share this, because he means a great deal to me. He believes in my art ever since , you know,. and now. Although there are many obstacles and hills, F - it even mountains that we all face, but we faced it with one thing in mind, how to grow better as a person and as a human being. In mind we share a beautiful spirit our son Wesly.

Thanks once again for reading. This blog is for educational awareness and to express to others my personal journey if anything.
"Love is Love"


Friday, July 10, 2009

Brooklyn Street Art : Interviews me. yay

Below is a link and also a copy of the interview that was done a not so long ago. Thank you Steve.

This is the page:

Brooklyn Street Art
…loves you more every day.Being “Street” and Supporting Independent Women
Posted on | July 10, 2009 |

The pressure of “live” performance sometimes can stress a girl out (Marthalicia and helper) (photo Anthony J. Causi)What makes you “street”? What makes you “hard”?
A lot of street art and graff culture glorifies a kind of toughness that is born of the streets; Yeah Brooklyn We Go Hard! That’s right, we’re down with that. From Rock to Rap to Tech to Funk to hoods to spikes to cans to fire-tags, the right to be rebellious and wreck sh*t feels like a birthright in Brooklyn.
We’re also down with giving back, giving support, sharing your talent. We met a cool street artist/artist named Marthalicia Matarrita recently and she reminded us that these gifts can be shared in a positive way too. She’s a street artist, a graff artist, a fine artist. From her blog you’ll find out she is also “mother, sister, daughter, entrepreneur, community advocate, and former National Guard”. She grew up in Harlem and went to La Guardia High School of Music and Arts in lower Manhattan.

She also spent time homeless and living in shelters. Okay, how “street” do you want it?

These days Marthalicia is doing a lot of live painting with Art Battles, a New York based creation of artist/event thrower/entrepreneur Sean Bono, who produces live art events and competitions to expose emerging artists to the masses. Marthalicia is also performing live art painting tonight in Brooklyn - at Cafe Europa as a celebration of independent women, something she teaches you about in the most gentle way.

Brooklyn Street Art: What kind of art you do?
Marthalicia Matarrita: I paint on canvas with acrylics. I unify the concept of traditional figurative subject matter and those of the comic book/urban graff illustrations (graffiti) to create a conversation about contemporary issues that affect all of us; environmentalism, homelessness, the military, etc.

Brooklyn Street Art: Have you done work on the street?
Marthalicia Matarrita: I used to create images on the street on the Upper West Side and I have a piece currently that I did this spring on the rooftop for a fundraiser at The New School of Design in the Lower East Side. It was such a thrill to know that I was part of something so cool and now I’m a “Rooftop Legend”. So many great artists had the opportunity to BLESS those walls with so much creativity and it humbled me to look at their art.

Marthalicia’s piece on the roof of The New School of Design at Parsons (photo courtesy the artist) Brooklyn Street Art: What has it been like working the Art Battles events and doing live painting with them?

Marthalicia Matarrita: I have been painting live since the spring of 2006. And since then my art has developed well into the theme of live audience and painting in an allotted time. I have been painting at different art functions, shows and events all over New York City and its’ 5 boroughs.

Since early 2008 I have been invited to participate with Art Battles at many art programs. It’s been an incredible experience working with Art Battles and its team. and what I have learned about painting “live” is that time and environment (the audience and music) has made me a more concentrated artist and more focused as an artist. Art Battles also recognizes the struggles of the artist and reimburses and also purchased materials.

See Marthalicia in this Art Battles video from this spring (click the little PLAY button in the lower left of navigation bar):

Brooklyn Street Art: “Do you think you have to be “hard” to be “street”? Marthalicia Matarrita: The street conditions you, even if you do have a soft heart or one hard like a stone.

Brooklyn Street Art: Some street artists feel like they have to destroy to get respect or credibility. Marthalicia Matarrita: Some people say that “most street artist have no siblings so they feel like they need to break stuff to get attention”. Others don’t have the means of an art education such as studio art. Street artists feel the need to express art just as strongly as a studio artist, but they do it without an easel and canvas. For them it’s much better to create images of thought or reflections of life in a cheaper way with cans and use THE WALLS as a canvas.

“I unify the concept of traditional figurative subject matter and those of the comic book/urban graff illustrations (graffiti) to create a conversation about contemporary issues that effect all of us; environmentalism, homelessness, the military, etc.” Atomic, by Marthalicia (image courtesy the artist) Brooklyn Street Art: Can you speak about the July 10th event and what it means to you.
Marthalicia Matarrita: The whole event is a fundraiser and the proceeds go to help a young child named Chanty, who lives in Cambodia. Felecia Cruz is the organizer of the program at her bar, Club Europa. I was called one day by Felecia to ask me to participate in her upcoming show July 10th as a live painter. She described this little girl Chanty, who she met in Cambodia during a recent trip, and she explained how she was determined to help her and her family to send Chanty to school to improve her future. That touched me to know that a stranger from another country was willing to invest her time and energy to genuinely help a young child in great need of education. It convinced me to join in her program and her mission because I wanted to be a part of something good, something that in the end would show a child hope and help her progress. I was given a similar opportunity when I was a young teenager, and I know how important it was to me.

Proceeds from tonight’s benefit will go to Chanty, who appears in the video below :

Brooklyn Street Art: This show is more than just about Chanty, it is about Women’s empowerment. Can you talk about the importance of having strong women today?
Marthalicia Matarrita: As you see, without strong women, you have disrespectful children, who walk around with their pants half off their ass and girls that think more about sex and sneakers then their future. In history woman struggled to have their voices heard.

It’s very important to have events like these to display not only that we are capable of making great achievements as our male counterparts, but also as individuals.

“Frida of Brooklyn” Marthalicia shot by Alex Bershaw (courtesy the artist)Brooklyn Street Art: The Mexican painter, Frida Kahlo, used her personal experiences, including some that were very painful, in her work. Has she affected you as an artist, and how?

Marthalicia Matarrita: Tremendously. I learned painting with oils and acrylic in high school. Most of my paintings were self-portraits. College was the time where I was exposed to her and her works and how amazed I was when I learned about her history. I felt somewhat connected to her because of her personal struggles; I too had some of my very own. The more I learned from her the more I saw my art footsteps evolving, not to copy her style or her intensions but her communication of her life with her art. I do the same with my art.

My life wasn’t a great one. I struggled here and there with poverty, being in the shelter, both parents were alcoholics, and my mom suffered a lot and she became schizophrenic.

My art saved me from dwelling on the negative activities in my environment.

Frida learned in her art to communicate her personal life story with Diego (Rivera) and about WAR. I painted with political themes when I was in the Army National Guard. I was called twice to Iraq and I painted how I felt about being toyed around with…fighting a cause that’s not our own.

Frida showed me that whatever kind of personality you have, art is a tool to show others how similar we all are and how we can help and teach one another.

That’s one of the things I wanted to do with my art in the long run.

“Independent Women”, Chanty’s Final Fundraiser, Friday July 10, 2009

An arsenal of female talent coming together to show Chanty and other young girls around the world that they can be whatever they want.

Performances by:
Eyeris with Radio Rose
Bless Roxwell
Jeanette Berry
Linda Laporte
Dama Nilz
Jasmine Solano
Her Virgins
Diva from CYM

Special Guest:Miz Metro
Music By: DJ ILL P

A short film:”Married Girl” by Alexandra Lopez

Live Art and Displays by Marthalicia

Make-up and Design by Lauren Weakly

Club Europa
98 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Marthalicia’s Blog

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Monday, July 6, 2009

Painting Live July 10th. Club Europa im Brooklyn

An arsenal of female talent coming together to show Chanty and other underprivileged young girls around the world that they can be whatever they want.

Our set line-up is fierce, not to mention I hear we may even have some special guests showing up!
Club Europa98 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222 $8 1/2 to Chanty +5% of register Special Guest:Miz Metro Music By: DJ ILL P
A short film:"Married Girl" by Alexandra Lopez

Performances by:
Eyeris with Radio Rose
Bless Roxwell
Jeanette Berry
Linda Laporte
Dama Nilz
Jasmine Solano



This program is being held in Club Europa, in Brooklyn. This programs is also a charity and a fund raiser to raise money for a little girl that lives in Cambodia. The following are information that I took from the organizer and the heart filled with love; Felecia Cruz.

The video that helps show Chanty and Felecia.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Art Battles: 10 artist for Mural competion June 9th 2009

Artist were competing for the Mural contest. Check out the video from The New Pop ( )

1.Ben Angotti
2.* Marthalicia Matarrita
3.Sean Bono
4.Max Brode
5.Lexi Bella
10.See One

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am at a point in my life where situations can go either way. Meaning, I Can choose to continue making art for the people, or work part time of 9-5 work hours as a security guard some where in NYC and not do art anymore.

I am currently not working, but I am a stay at home mom. I am at a point where I noticed that going to shows / art shows is expensive. Transportation, food money and art supplies with canvas leads me to have wholes in my pockets. Its not cheep. I cant split food money for my child to those of my art needs. My son will always come first. Because money in my house hold is limited, and I don't spend money on myself, I would rather utilize your contributions for my art.

I love painting, its what I came to terms with, after it saved me from dwelling on personal life crisis. Art saved me from deviating to the life waves of crime and hooked addictions of drugs or other negative activities in New York City. I believed that art was given to me from DIVINE source, and I don't know why I have it, but I sure do know I must share it. It is also why I am asking for your help. If you like to make a positive contribution to an inspiring artist, please donate what you wish.

If you have any opinion please share, I do want to create a friendship and also an understanding of art in life and how its linked, then feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much for you ongoing support and understanding
~Marthalicia Matarrita