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Biography Marthalicia Matarrita Born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Marthalicia has many art disciplines such as drawing, sculpting, painting and creating large murals and is always expanding in new mediums. Current area of art dialogue is based on educating the harmony between animals and humans, in many unique presentations. Marthalicia early stages: Sharng "black books" graffitti art journals as well as comic books were her past time. Encouraged by faith to persue the art form, Marthalicia entered La Guardia High School of Performance and the Arts, and upon graduating high school, she enlisted in the Army National Guard. She enrolled in S.U.N.Y. New Paltz for B.F.A. in Fine Arts. Her art resume further in her new art journey "Live Art Performance" Today, Marthalicia has broaden her art experiences to many difference avenues in art venues, and oppourtunites where she builds with her community and others.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Why I chose art making.

My reason for Art Making: PART 1

Not many people know this, but there is a story that explains why I chose art. Place in mind, that I believe in a higher power, and that there something so much greater then I, is out there. People call it GOD, or the Universe, and any other deity or worshiped figure.

I am writing this because there were a lot of people asking me the same questions, and maybe this will explain my art reasoning better. Thank you for your time and also patience in understanding me and of what I do.

One Sunday morning, I went to church. I was twelve or thirteen years old at this time, and I remember listening to the priest. I remember the priest discuss a story (a parable) and towards the end of the parable, he explains the lesson of the story.

"Jesus walked through the shore line and he encountered 3 fishermen at different locations. He wanted to give each fisherman a life lesson, in doing so, he gave each fisherman a "gift" ( worth).

*This "gift" worth, was something that represented money at that particular time in history, it could have been sea shells.

Jesus told these man that he will return, and upon his return he will ask what they have done with the "gift" worth and for those that UNDERSTOOD his meaning will join him to the kingdom of Heaven.

Days turned into months. Then one day, Jesus returned. Then he asked the first fisherman "What have you done with what I gave you (The gift that GOD gave you)?, and he said", Nothing, absolutely nothing, I figured you would return and would want it back, so I stayed at home and didn't spend nothing.

To the second fisherman: What have you done with the gift that GOD gave you? The second fisherman said he spend it all. He thought that GOD wanted him happy.

To the third fisherman: the same question. And the fisherman said: I divided the money into two equal portions. One portion I purchased some cows, some chickens, and some food for the animals, the other portion was to purchased grains of rice and seeds for plants to harvest. With this, I was able to mate my cows, to get more calves, and milk for me and my family and also sell them to my neighbors. The vegetable the same, I ate and sold to my neighbors, and as well the chicken for their eggs and meat and sold them. I lived happily in my community and everyone gets what they needed in harmony. "

The priest goes on by saying: God gives everyone a special gift. To others there is more then one gift. It is up to you to figure what your gift is, and it is up to you to understand it and help others along the way. Some gifts are simpler while others are sophisticated. Don't fright or sadden if what your heart isn't content with what you don't have. Figure out what you can do with what you already have. Harness it ( Harvest) so that you can make the best out of your existence here on Earth.

I found purpose to my being that day: The best gift I knew oh so well was and still is ART. Creating. But my question was, how can I Harness and help myself and my community? I took it so personal and so passionately that I refocus my intentions in school and in my furthering my art experience.

I was determined to make art my destiny: That I joined the Army National Guard because I couldn't afford college. Bachelor of Fine Arts. Many people still didn't understand why military. Well folks that is going to be another blog.

Stay tuned for your next episode of the Marthalicia Chronicles, 2008. mm

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